Using Handouts to Reinforce Your Training Presentations

Using Handouts to Reinforce Your Training Presentations

with Dr. Bill Lampton

Are handouts still helpful and if so when do we distribute them?

Handouts remain effective for several reasons:

  • Participants get a take home or a take to the office summary of the major points which serves as a learning and memory prompter.

  • If your presentation included calls for action, attendees will have a concrete reminder of exactly what you expect them to do.

  • When your message confuses a listener the handout brings clarification.

  • Expecting a handout, the listener doesn’t have to depend on meticulous distracting note taking to absorb the information.

  • Audience members have easy access to web sites, books, videos and other resources you mentioned including contact information for guest presenters.

  • You have shared a record of what you said, which could become useful if a listener claims you had proposed another plan.

  • A handout assures the listener that you studied your topic thoroughly.

Note: Don’t miss important information on how and when to distribute handouts.


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