Coastal Vacations Radio is on the AIR

Coastal Vacations Radio is on the AIR

Thanks for tuning into the inaugural show of Coastal Vacations Radio. Hear from long time Coastal Vacations representative Eric Dye. He briefly discusses when and how he found Coastal and its advantages of tapping into the business and its products.

If you are new to Coastal Vacations and not sure what CV is all about then stay tuned…this is meant to be an informational podcast so that you can be in the know and see the advantages of tapping into Coastal Vacations if you one that likes save money or make money.

I found Coastal Vacations in December of 2002, after an international business investment went sour, I looked to the internet for a business opportunity to help my then current financial crisis. The same day I saw Coastal Vacations, its opportunity and its products with the slogan – “Why pay for a vacation of a lifetime, when, you can have a lifetime of vacations?”–If you haven’t made $3,000 this month then we need to talk–I was on the phone with a Coastal associate and within the hour I got started.

In a nut shell, I got started, I got trained and FOLKS–I got paid and here I am today some 8 years and 11 months later. I have had such an amazing experience with my business that I literally would like to share it with the world & thus the creation of Coastal Vacations Radio.

If you find yourself in debt, without a job, desiring to make a change, sick and tired of being sick and tired, not physically able to work outside the home any longer, single mother with a full time job, needing more time freedom–this is for you to consider.

In some of our futureshows we will feature successful business leaders, tips and stategies, proper mindset, special travel deals you will not want to miss, latest Coastal BOD news, regional events, regional event news and more. Keep it here on Coastal Vacatons Radio for the latest. We are here to inform, inspire and give you options enroute to a positive change.

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