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Using Gamification to Upskill Today’s Workforce

Posted: June 25, 2019 at 8:52 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Sam Caucci, Founder & CEO of 1HUDDLE, a technology-based employee training platform that helps companies more effectively onboard and upskill employees using games joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Sam Caucci discuss the following:

  1. Could you tell our audience about 1Huddle, what do you do, how do you help businesses and other clients you work with?
  2. We hear the buzzword gamification more and more today. What does it mean and how is it applicable to different industries. Looking at your list of clients online, you have folks from various industries.
  3. How is gamification applicable to the government and the military. Seems liked our armed forces have been using games and simulations for a while.
  4. I noticed doing some research on 1HUDDLE that you work with the city of Newark. Can you discuss what your company does with the city and how you help them?
  5. You read everywhere how it’s harder and harder for millennials to find jobs or get their foot in the door to get jobs. I have read how you have said in the past that colleges don’t do a good job getting students ready for the workforce. Can you talk a bit about that and I believe you also wrote a book on this topic. Maybe you can give our audience so key takeaways from the book you wrote a few years ago.
  6. Another buzz word we hear a lot is workforce training. Seems like more and more companies are at least talking about it for their employees especially since many folks have been in the workforce for while and as technology ramps up training their employees is key for business success moving forward. Can you talk about that. It’s one thing for a millennial to play games but probably is tougher for a baby boomer etc.
  7. You are a successful entrepreneur and small business owner. What do you think of today’s small business climate for entrepreneurs. Is Main Street doing well or at least better or is Wall Street getting most of the benefits of our country’s solid economic numbers.
  8. What advice do you have for businesses and companies when it comes to workforce training. What makes what you do and gamification different from what’s been tried before.
  9. You discussed Newark, can you give us another client that you have worked with over the years that has been a great success story that you and 1Huddle are proud of and the difference it has made for your client.

Sam Caucci has managed and coached sales and leadership teams for publicly held, private sector and franchised companies across the globe.

Sam founded 1HUDDLE a workforce training platform using game technology to help organizations better prepare their people for work. With clients across the globe, 1HUDDLE has impacted people across organizations in a wide array of sectors, with clients including Loews Hotels, ESPN, Audible (an Amazon Company), Madison Square Garden and FASTSIGNS. Applying an innovative approach to preparing people for the workforce, Sam oversaw the creation of the training game platform, the first game-based platform that transforms the way organizations onboard, train & develop their team members.

Before 1HUDDLE, Sam was the National Director of Franchise Sales & Marketing for the Parisi Speed School where he directed the sales training program for 83 locations. He was previously in a leadership role with Life Time Fitness, serving as Director of Sales and spearheading the grand opening and overall management of the company’s expansion into the NJ/NYC market. Prior to joining Life Time Fitness, Sam was General Manager for Perfect Competition Athletic Development, a sports performance training center nationally recognized for its preparation of elite athletes from across the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and MLS. While at Perfect Competition, Sam managed sales, sponsorship, and negotiation for the team responsible for the training and development of over 2,500 elite professional athletes.

Sam is proud to have been a part of the sales and service training of thousands of workers. He is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, Not Our Job: How College has Destroyed a Generation of Workers and How to Fix it, and has been featured on Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, CNBC, The Huffington Post, ESPN, The Wall Street JournalForbes, and Bloomberg.


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