Use Your Digital Business Card to Stand Out

Standing out at a networking event or a conference isn’t always easy. The stakes are high, so each company tries extra hard to make a good impression. Companies are offering free food, or drinks, cool company merchandise, or even organizing raffle giveaways.

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Things like these will surely keep the attendees’ attention on your company, but they can be a costly addition to the already high prices of conference tickets and travel expenses for your team. Instead, you can go a simpler and more cost-effective way and use a digital business card to stand out at the next event.

Let’s see how digital business cards can help you make a great impression.

Share Your Card the Usual Way

The primary way of sharing business cards is to exchange them in a paper format. With digital cards, you can take it a step further and share your cards via a link, text, QR code, or even NFC. Keep in mind that people will judge your brand based on your business card, so make sure that it’s in line with your company’s visual identity.

Display Your QR Codes

Don’t be afraid to use the QR codes for your business card in flyers, booth posters, presentations, or any other promotional materials you might have. You can also make your name cards and add a QR code there – that will certainly get some attention.

This way, even if you don’t get to speak to someone, they will still be able to get your information and reach out if they see a potential business opportunity.

Add QR Codes to Virtual Event Backgrounds

If you’re speaking at an online event, you can add a personalized QR code to your meeting background. It’s discreet, and it won’t take away any attention from you, but the attendees can still whip out their phone and scan it to get your contact details.

It’s a feature that most digital business card apps have, but it’s still an eye-catching move.

Don’t Forget to Track Your Analytics

A great thing about online business cards is that you can track their analytics. Usually, you can see how many times your card was saved, re-shared, and opened. Additionally, you can track website visits, open rates for attachments, and more.

You can even export this data to analyze it further, and it might help you improve your cards for future events.

Wrapping Up

Professionals tried to stand out even with the traditional business cards, so why not do it with the digital versions? Get creative with your design, as well as the use of your QR codes so that you can attract more attention and spread your professional network.

Analyze any data you get, and use it to revamp your digital business card.

In the end, don’t stop innovating with your approach to business cards. You can use some apps to create NFC tags with all your information. This will make it even easier for your contacts to save your details, but it’s also going to make you stand out from the get-go.

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