Urinator Review: How to keep pee warm for drug test using urinator kit

There is nothing worse than receiving a mail from HR on Monday morning about the urine test. Instead of getting panicked you need to reply confidently to book your time slot.

However, finding confidence in the fake urine sample is not as simple as it looks. There are many products available in the market, but unfortunately, they are of no use.

But, if you are looking out for one reliable product, then the urinator kit is a perfect choice.

This article provides in-depth information on how the urinator product works, how effective is the urinator kit, and whether urinator is trustworthy?

How does the Urinator Kit Work?

Regulating temperature is one of the primary concern if you are using synthetic urine to pass the Urine drug test. This is where the Urinator kit with 3 free packs of powdered urine comes in!

The urinator kit uses 9-volt batteries that can keep the urine warm for at least 4 hours. It has an inbuilt electronically controlled heater.

This time it is sufficient to clear the urine drug test. It might be a good idea to learn more about how to pass a drug test before proceeding though. The urinator kit also contains a toxin-free urine substitute which keeps your urine free from toxins.

Unlike other devices, you can use the urinator kit, again and again, to provide toxin-free urine sample with regulated temperature. However, it is not recommended to overuse this product, as the quality of the urine sample might decline at some stage.

If there is a long gap between each test, it is recommended to purchase a new kit every time.

Does the Urinator Kit really work?

This is one of the most common questions asked before purchasing any product. No one likes to spend money a product, that does not deliver them any results. Failing a urine drug test because you tried to cheat, does not look good.

However, one cannot promise that every time you use the urinator kit, it is going to work perfectly fine. It only helps in warming and regulating the temperature of the synthetic urine. However, it is found that the success rate of this urinator kit is pretty high compared to other kits.

Whenever a urine drug test is performed, there are chances of the person getting failed. However, this urinator kit aims to reduce the chances of failure in the urine drug test.

Price of the Urinator Device

The cost of the urinator device is quite high, but it ends up being a decent solution for passing the urine drug test.

If you are a person who takes the urine drug test on an infrequent basis, then the urinator device is of much use, as it ends up saving a lot of money in the long run.

The price of the urinator kit is around 150$, and the best part of this kit is that it comes with synthetic urine itself.

The price of fake urine is approximately 30 dollars. However, if you buy the urinator device, you can save up some money as you can keep reusing the kit again and again.

The urinator kit is available in the market through a lot of third-party sellers. However, if you are planning to purchase it from the local store, then make sure to check the urinator kit, if it works as per the given instructions or not. Else, you end up failing in the urine drug test.

As there are many third-party sellers for this product, you might not be able to differentiate, which is the genuine urinator kit and which is the fake one. So, try to check the urinator kit before making a purchase.

On a final note, instead of buying a fake urine sample and ending up failing the urine drug test, it is recommended to invest in a product like a urinator kit which would increase the chances of passing the urine drug test. Other products or fake urine samples have a high probability of failing in the urine drug test. So, be careful with your investment and clear the urine drug test.

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