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Turning Your Podcast Content Into Blogs

Posted: May 3, 2018 at 2:22 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Are you an established podcaster who has already built up a fairly solid fan-base over some time and already has a pretty decent library of podcasts that you’ve put hours of work into? Then maybe it’s time to bring your podcasts to an entirely new fanbase by turning your podcast content into online blogs. This gives you much more exposure and skyrockets you right into the blogging sphere.

Podcasts are Just Voice Blogs!

The first thing you have to realize if you want to go from being a podcaster to a blogger is that you’re already halfway there. Don’t agree with us? Well, see it this way: Podcasts are, for all their flair, basically just blog content in a voice medium. Most of the content you need for your blog posts have already been created – and they’re right there to turn into a blog that’s successful in its own right. Now, you already have a fanbase, and you already have content. What’s next?

Hiring a Transcriptionist

The next step is to turn your voice content into text. Many people find it very tedious to type possibly hours of audio recordings to text themselves, and for this you’ll be glad to know that you can hire a professional transcriptionist who can deliver the podcasts to you – typed out and cleaned up so you can start turning them into the blogs you know people out there will want to read.

Hiring an Editor

Already hired a transcriptionist and have all your work accessible in text? Great, then you’re almost there. Next, you might want to hire a blogger or editor to clean up these podcast transcripts – you know, double check the spelling, add some headers, maybe add a paragraph there and a sentence here. This ensures that it’s high-quality blog posts, and not just a verbatim transcript of your podcast they’re getting access to.

Post the Podcast AND the Blog

The next secret that you should know about turning your podcasts into blogs is the way that you post it. First, you might want to add some extra content to the blog-version of the podcast – that way, readers feel like they’re getting something extra above the podcast version. You’ll want to make sure that you post a Listen Here or Download link at the bottom of the blog post so people can listen to the podcast once they’re done reading the blog post. That’s really cool, right?

Get People to Share

If you want to build a successful brand from your blog and podcasts, apart from producing posts that they can get into, you want to produce the kind of posts that people can share. This means posts that are engaging and make people want to share. Shares – and the readers that come from shares – are exactly the kind of thing that makes a successful blog.

Setting up a Mailing List

As a blogger, getting repeat readership is part of the success of your blog – and one way to get on the fast-track to people coming back to your blog is by setting up a mailing list. Readers will be notified via e-mail every time you post something new – this is a good reminder for them to check back to the site every time something new comes in, and you can even have special links for members in your mailing list that will give people access to all sorts of cool special offers. People like that, and people will love your podcasted blog for it.

Get in touch with People

A blog and podcast are both great ways to get in touch with people: Find out what your readers and listeners want, and incorporate their questions or feedback into your next post or podcast – people love feedback, and they’ll come back for more.

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