Jim Villwock

Turning Employees Into Investments that Grow Your Business

Jim Villwock

Jim Villwock, the Founder and CEO of Human Investment Advisory, a strategic solution company helping clients revolutionize their competitive edge and profitability joins Enterprise Radio to discuss how to turn employees into investments that grow your business.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Jim Villwock discuss the following:

  • Who is Human Investment Advisory?
  • How is Human Investment different than Human Resources?
  • What does Human Investment mean?
  • How do you Tactically Help HR/Human Resources?
  • What size companies are you helping and or targeting?

Jim Villwock is the Founder and CEO of Human Investment Advisory, Inc., (HIA), an advisory, consulting, and solution company that helps companies improve revenue, profit, and value through closing the gaps between the CEO/Board and their Human Investments.

Jim is a recognized thought leader in helping companies revolutionize their competitive edge in finance, procurement, sales, channels, and now HR, leadership, and governance. Examples:

  • Sales: Jim took over a manufacturing software group with $2 million in sales and transformed it into over $60 million in new sales during the first year.
  • Channels: Redefined the channel strategy for the world’s largest networking solutions company while reducing global parts cost by $20 million.
  • HR: Redefined how Boards and CEOs can look at an organization as Human Investments requiring increasing value and ROI in support of business objectives.
  • Leadership: Identified three major leadership gaps and created models to close the gaps. Models are referred to as Human Investment Leadership℠, Teampreneurship℠, and Jobpreneurship℠ which, when combined, lead to alignment, engagement, and motivation.
  • Governance (GRC): Saw the gap between a compliance only focus versus a culture of governance. Teams with partners to offer enterprise GRC solutions at Board levels and down.
  • Finance: Helped create a service solution business from scratch to $1 billion with zero company product in a manufacturing cultural environment.
  • Procurement: Innovated twenty new paradigms for world class procurement. Created a global organization supporting 80 countries where subsidiary country managers asked him to his control in their countries. Result included auditable profit contributions exceeding $70 million per year. Total auditable savings exceeded $480 million.

Jim’s background includes being a global executive in Fortune 500 companies, a serial entrepreneur, and a business advisor to help companies grow. He is also the author of the books “Whacked Again!” , “Trusted Relationships”, “Jobpreneurship™ 101″, “Jobpreneurship™ 201″ and “Jobpreneurship™ 202” written to help executives and employees add value and ROI.

Jim holds a MBA from North Texas University, where he graduated magna cum laude; a master’s degree from Dallas Theological Seminary; and a bachelor’s degree from Golden Gate University, where he graduated magna cum laude.

Human Investment

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