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Trees are crucial to humankind, wildlife, and nature’s existence. This is the reason why we should do everything we can to preserve and sustain them in the best possible way we can. As a homeowner, you can do your part by ensuring your tree is in the best shape and health. If you are at a loss at what to do when it comes to your trees’ welfare, it is best to get in touch with your local tree service for the best advice you can get. 

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Keep reading to find out our responses to our clients’ most frequently asked questions about tree maintenance. 

Does my tree need to be eliminated?

This question is one of the most prevalent in the tree care industry. Many property owners are uncertain about their tree’s condition, whether it is dying, diseased, or dead. To answer the question correctly, a tree inspection should be conducted. Call a certified arborist to assess the situation of your tree, including its physical state and location, to determine if it requires removal or not. If there are shoots, fungi, foliage loss, or discoloration, the tree may be suffering from a disease and needs to be treated. However, if the illness or infestation is too severe, the tree contractor may resort to removing the tree. 

Should I get a permit to remove a tree myself?

The answer is it depends on the city you live in. But in most cases, you need a permit to eliminate a tree. Save yourself from the hassle of obtaining permits by enlisting a tree company to do the job. A reliable tree company can tackle the task using the right tools and techniques. You don’t have to bother going out and acquiring the necessary licenses because they can assist you with them.

Is there a difference between stump grinding and stump removal? 

Yes, they are two different methods in eliminating a stump. Stump removal entails retrieving the entire stump, including the root ball, from the ground. The process leaves a hole in the ground that needs to be backfilled. On the other hand, stump grinding utilizes specialized machinery to grind the stump into smaller pieces. Most homeowners go for stump grinding because it is less damaging and costs less than removal. 

What is Emerald Ash Borer?

Emerald Ash Borer is a green buprestid from north-eastern Asia that lives off on ash trees. If your yard contains Ash trees in it, they may be exposed to EAB infestation. Inspect your trees and look for D-shaped holes in their bark, bark splits, dieback in the outer and upper crown, and woodpecker activity. EAB can be treated by a licensed tree specialist. Make sure to get in touch with a certified arborist as soon as you see these signs to prevent the infestation. 

Does my tree need a certified arborist or a tree company?

If a tree is suffering from a disease or pest infestation, you need the help of a certified arborist, such as Steelee Tree Service Pittsburgh. They are experts in this field, so you can expect to pay higher for their service, but you can be assured of their work quality. If your tree needs to be removed, you should call a tree removal company. 

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