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Travelling lies in a single gadget

Posted: October 1, 2018 at 11:33 am / by / comments (0)

Technology has covered the upper limit of all necessities of Homo sapiens. These gadgets are not confined to social media only. If there is someone who loves to explore apps and experiences it, they will find travelling really a fun. From your thoughts to your experiences,from wandering to posting your clumsy faces, from exploring new things to enjoying tempting food. In a nut shell, all the problems regarding your travelling is packed up in a single gadget. Let’s find out the most intriguing and multi apps that will surely make your traveling an easier one.

Travelling guide

First off, what you need the most for travelling is, guidance from an authentic source. Travelers are likely to follow their referent peers or customers reviews. TripAdvisor is an app that bestows you to check the reviews of people and to evaluate the alluring places for them. For more info you can also consult the Triposo app that provides the offline information regarding restaurants, hotels, maps and many more.

Flight booking apps

Next step of every traveler is to book a suitable flight. Oh, please come up with the modern world of technology and obsolete the trendy ways of booking flights. When you have all the facilities of booking online, then go grab your gadgets and download Skyscanner app. This will help you to search the flights that are in your budgets. Similar to phone tracker you can also track the real time info regarding hops through FlightRadar24.

Accommodation apps

It has been seen that the only element that can ruin the entire trip is not finding appropriate accommodations. Many people fail in deciding the superlative hotels that cross their budget limit and are not customer friendly.

Priceline: this is an amazing app with an amazing feature of bidding. Woah! its just like an accepting a business proposal. It jots down the description of hotels and makes much easier to evaluate them. After evaluating you can bid it by specifying the area and city.

Hostelworld: as its name specifies, you can book inns from anywhere. It covers almost all the places of the world from various destinations at your chosen dates.

Expedia: this multipurpose app allows you to book airlifts as well as hotels. Moreover, it offers a variety of intriguing deals to their customers.


The traditional way of travelling was to hold a diary or a miles long paper that contains the map of the entire world. All your mind efforts are now handled by Google Maps and City Maps 2Go. Google maps has ruled the entire routes of the world. It is very informal to interact and very useful for the guidance.

Foodie apps

Yeah! Finally, it comes. It is a true saying that many people eat for the survival, but many are those who lives for eating. I am one of them who is more inclined towards eating. Yelp app will help you to take decisions based on the personal reviews and ratings.

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