Tourism Marketing Trends That Will Make It Big In 2020

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The travel industry has witnessed booming growth in the last few years. At the same time, the competition in the domain is also increasing at a rapid pace. No business can sustain and survive without a strong digital marketing game. This is because the internet is the channel where potential customers look for services and providers and pick the ones they like the best. Therefore, you need to be aware of all the upcoming trends so that you can keep pace with them and stay ahead of your competitors. Here are some tourism marketing trends that will emerge strongly in 2020.

Experience marketing will rule

Tourists today value experiences more than anything else. They are even willing to spend extra dollars to get immersive holiday experiences. Marketing your brand and offering, therefore, is going to be all about an experiential storytelling approach. If you are able to convince the potential customers that a specific package would give them lasting memories, they will definitely buy it. Besides storytelling, technologies such as AR and VR will also be used for creating winning experiences. 

Personalization will be the key

Whether you are selling a fashion outfit or a travel package, personalization will be the key in the future. Why not just show a customer only what they are interested in? Obviously, this does increase the chances of conversions manifold. Winning with your marketing strategy in 2020 will be all about understanding the intent of the user and giving them exactly what they expect. The best way to do so is by creating a buyer persona and building your content to match.

Mobile will be more important than ever

For tourism businesses to flourish in 2020 and beyond, they will have to up their mobile game. Simply speaking, the mobile experience should be on par with the website experience. Whether you are showcasing your tour offerings or selling your packages online, make sure that buyers can do it on mobile devices in addition to computers. Look for a tourism marketing company that can design a responsive website. Additionally, ensure that they constantly monitor and optimize mobile experiences.

Video marketing will win the game

When it comes to crafting a successful tourism marketing strategy for the future, you should not forget the video element. Though you may impress the potential buyers with the most amazing stories, nothing matches the power of videos. Consumers love to explore new destinations through videos. Marketers can go the extra mile by showing them live videos through streaming services as this form of marketing has huge potential to sell.

Don’t forget social influencers

Since buyers often base their decisions on what niche influencers have to say, you cannot ignore their significance in the coming time. In fact, influencer marketing is poised to make it even bigger in domains like fashion and lifestyle, healthcare and tourism this year. So you must definitely include this element in your digital marketing strategy if you want to up your social media game. 

Now that you know all the upcoming marketing trends in the tourism domain, you can gear up your plan and make a winning impact. 

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