Top Tips for Inexperienced Investors

For a growing number of people around the world, investment is becoming a key way to offer a way to generate additional income over a range of time periods. In 2020 it was estimated that 53% of American families undertook some form of investment activity as a way to generate profits for later life. Today, investment is a growing activity, especially amongst young entrepreneurs who are increasingly using trading apps that can be accessed from a smartphone device and provide a single platform from which to manage their investments.

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The world of investments can be a confusing and frightening one for the uninitiated. It requires the need to commit your own sums of money to specific companies, commodities, or digital assets,with the hope that they will generate profit over a period of time. All investment opportunities come with an element of risk, and depending on the specific investment opportunity this may vary significantly.

If you are new to the world of investing, this article will be of significant benefit. Three top tips are discussed that serve to improve your investment decisions and ideally result in improved outcomes.

Thoroughly research before committing

As a first point, the importance of fully understanding the market or product you intend to invest in cannot be understated. Firstly, it is vital to ascertain the level of risk associated with the investment. Traditionally, stocks such as gold offer consistent returns with low levels of volatility when compared to higher-risk investments. However, investing in gold is normally considered to be a long-term investment strategy for generating profits.

Newer forms of investments, such as choosing NFT products that are shown on websites such as, tend to be significantly more volatile. The risk of losing money with such products increases, but so too does the ability to make significant profits over a much shorter timescale than with traditional investment options. As a rule, research the product thoroughly to determine its past market performance and volatility level,and only accept investments that suit your intended levels of risk.

Diversify your portfolio

It is also highly important to build a diverse portfolio of investment products as you increase your activities. Remember the old adage of “not putting all your eggs in one basket,” as this is particularly true for the stock markets. It can be a far more beneficial strategy to make smaller investments across a range of businesses and investment instruments. Put simply, having a diverse portfolio helps to balance the inherent risk that is present with trading.

Ideally, your portfolio should encompass “safer” investments such as index-linked bonds that track the overall performance of a certain market, long-term investments, and shorter-termoptions that may have more inherent risk associated with them.

Never panic sell

As a final point, it should be stressed that panic selling should be avoided in all cases. This is where an investor notes that one of their products has dipped sharply in value and they rush to sell that item to minimize their losses. It is natural to want to sell to avoid heavy losses, but as a rule, panic selling will guarantee losses. It can be a much wiser strategy to take the short-term hit on the value of the specific product ad then wait for the market for this to recover and the shares to rise once more.

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