Top Tips for Growing Your Instagram in 2021

The social media platform, Instagram has grown significantly since Facebook; its parent company acquired it some years back. A lot of Facebook users, while maintaining their Facebook accounts, migrated to Instagram. It also has a lot of new users that do not have a Facebook presence. Instagram is popular among young people between the ages of 15 and 35 years. It is mainly the sharing of moments in pictures and videos that draws many users to this platform. Most users have this urge to grow their following and get as many likes as possible on their posts. There has been an Instagram popularity craze worldwide that most users are looking for the best possible ways to get real Instagram followers. Here are some tips that you can use to grow your Instagram following come 2021.

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  1.   Post Interesting Content

Even with Instagram featuring many new features that have significantly changed its outlook, posting content remains the number one way of growing your following. After all, people follow your account to view your content. If you lack content on your account, no one will see the need to follow you. However, even as you post, ensure what you post is catchy and attractive. With this platform, it is all about entertainment and education. If you can hack both, then you will have a massive following.

  1.   Post Consistently

The more consistently you are at posting, the more followers you will have. Schedule when to post so that your existing followers can anticipate and alert others. If you prove reliable to your initial followers, they will share your content for free on their accounts and attract new followers to your account. If you fail in this, most followers will lose interest and stop viewing your content. While they may not unfollow you, your account will fall in its rankings and fail to attract new followers.

  1.   Optimize Your Profile

In line with Google rankings, it will now be necessary as we get into 2021 to optimize your account to enable users to search for it on Google. This hack is a new feature that Instagram has introduced and will come in handy to those who wish to increase their Instagram engagement. This feature will check the type of content you post and optimize it based on its quality just as Google search utilizes keywords. These keywords within Instagram’s community guidelines will see your account become visible to more users.

  1.   Have an IGTV Series

Having this channel on Instagram is part of posting content but at a more advanced level. Instagram has a lot of users hooked to their phones for entertainment, and this feature is one that is drawing massive audiences. If you can hack how to use this feature to your advantage and then create quality and creative content, you will have a load of new followers in no time. More and more people turn to Instagram for entertainment due to its privacy and personalization, so take advantage and grow your following today!

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