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Top Techniques To Help Your Task Management

Posted: November 28, 2020 at 12:52 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

If you are reading this article, you are probably looking to change your old ways. Maybe you have noticed that you’ve been slacking off lately. In which case, this article might be for you. You probably never imagined adulthood to feel as hectic as you are now. Growing up, the media taught us a romanticized version of a 20-something living their life in the city. We all had this mindset that once we grew up, we knew our purpose, and we had our life all together. Though that may be a case for some, but to most, life got in the way, and we never really honed the art of time management. 

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Many successful people thrived because of managing their tasks properly. Because of this, they appear to be more put together. If you aspire to become as successful as these people, you must learn to be more responsible. Owning up to your responsibilities is the first step to becoming a well-oriented person. This means procrastinating is something you should outgrow from. While some might thrive off of working under pressure, it is not a good habit to incorporate in your life. This may have a few pros, but the consequences of procrastination will always burden you. Stress, mental health issues, among many other things may affect you in the long run. Why go through all that when you can make your life so much easier and hassle free? There’s only one way to solve this, and that is to master the art of task management. 

What is Task Management?

Task management is simple. Technically speaking, it is a way to manage your tasks. If you are unaware of what this is, it is defined as the process of organizing everything that revolves around your life. May it be school, work, chores, there are many things we need to accomplish in a day to not only feel productive, but to also get everything done. Not only is this helpful to you as an individual, it also serves as a guide for teams, such as those in the workforce. Task management is how you break complex projects into smaller tasks in order to accomplish them in an easy or faster way. It guides each person from a team and builds a sense of coordination amongst themselves to finish a project or task easily. 

Techniques to Help in Task Management

Knowing a thing or two about task management may help guide you to becoming a responsible, well-oriented and successful adult. Here is a list that mey help you in your journey to becoming a better and well-rounded person:

  1. Breakdown Your Work – Looking at your to-do list, it may feel very overwhelming. By breaking down your tasks and organizing them from either your deadline or from difficulty may help you feel more put together. The idea of this is to not jump into whatever tasks you feel doing but rather what task needs to be done first. This help you put yourself on the right track. It is recommended to use a bullet journal to spot which tasks you need to complete and when is the deadline.
  2. Plan Your Schedule – Once you have broken down each task, it is time to plan out your day, week or month. This helps you keep yourself on track and reminds you of things you need to do within each time frame. A planner whether it may be handwritten or even mobile may help you organize your life. 
  3. Task Management Training – If you really have a hard time focusing, maybe it’s time to consider signing up for task management workshops or online classes that you can take so that a professional may guide you. We recommend Asian Efficiency, a site that offers many short courses on productivity or task management. You can access their site here: 
  4. Communication – Whether this may be a group project or you are working with a team for work, it is best to keep a good relationship with people you are working with. Establish an open space for you to speak up so that anyone can freely say their concerns. This will help in finishing tasks faster.
  5. Commitment – Learn to commit to a certain task and focus on accomplishing your goals. The more you have this mindset, the easier it is to finish a task. 

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