Top Facebook Messenger Experts in 2019

The year is 2019, and artificial intelligence has moved to a new popular platform – Facebook Messenger! That being said, there are tons of companies trying to jump on the new “chatbot” market. Because of this, chatbots are becoming more and more popular, and businesses large and small are starting to utilize this new method of branching out to their customers, with services providing everything from advertising, all the way down to customer and technical support. So, who are the top Facebook Messenger experts in 2019? Our bet is on ManyChat.  

So, how do you learn how to get started with something so technical and new like ManyChat?  Just contact Smart Bot Marketers and take their course or have them do everything for you if you don’t have the time.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a popular term referring to A.I. (artificial intelligence) that speaks to the customer and reacts almost like a human does. The first chatbots actually became popular (and are almost 100% of the time used by companies) on the phone where you can actually “talk” and get responses just as if you were talking to a human.

What is the Top Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

The reason why ManyChat is the most popular is because you can fully customize it to your needs, as well as your customers. Not only that, but if you’re wanting to try it out, you can actually get even more features than those of another popular platform called Chatfuel. Aside from this, even the free version contains awesome tools which can help traffic turnover and return on investment, as well as integrate into your Facebook comments that helps turn users commenting on certain posts into actual subscribers of your messenger bot. 

Things like this can also be seen in certain games that utilize chatbot features on Facebook Messenger and other apps that constantly “remind” you to play, etc. So why not use a similar service that can help build a better brand for you and make your business grow?

Can it Handle Payments?

ManyChat can in fact handle payments. It currently only supports Stripe support, which is actually a great platform for businesses when it comes to secure information. You can literally build your own bot with as many exact phrases that you have to match from your customers as you would like. If you create a set standard, you can even build advanced loops and more, and you can also find many tutorials and setup videos if you ever need to find help with it.

While Chatfuel may have a little bit of advancement, this still doesn’t make it the best because also how they charge for it. As your subscriber base grows, so does the actual BASE payment. They seem to place you in a “payment group” that is targeted towards whatever number range your subscriber is. With ManyChat, you are not charged unless you have a PRO account. They have different tiers too, but they are more detailed and also will make sure that you are getting the best price for whatever the number of subscribers you have, so you should never be overcharged. They didn’t achieve their 5-star ratings for nothing!

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