Top 5 Secrets to Producing Engaging Podcast Content

You cannot run away from the fact that content is king in the modern world. Therefore, you need to create the kind of audience that your audience will like and also engage with on a daily basis. Currently, one of the easiest ways to consume content is podcast and hence they highly tend to be habit forming. You may decide to plug in your earphones and listen to your favorite lyrics as you work out, commute to work, or even cook.  However, you will still be expected to generate high-quality content and have some promotional savvy for marketing your show. The question is how will you do this?

Here are some five tips that you can use to produce engaging podcast content:

  1. It is Not About You 

The fact still holds that all individuals are self-absorbed. Most of us use ourselves as yardsticks of viewing the world. In fact, some people will tell you that the favorite world for a person is his or her name. Therefore, you will be required to share and engage your podcast if you wish to get people to notice. You have to create it more about them and not you. Mention your entire guest together with the other influential brands or people you discuss. Link them to your site and also tag them on social media. This will index you better in all search engines apart from increasing your reach. You can start small and then build up. You also need to develop good relationships with individuals who have a smaller following. As you continue building your reputation, you will find yourself reaching the high-end leaders in the industry. 

  1. Develop a System for Content Sharing

Generosity is critical in producing engaging podcast content. According to a study carried out by Adam Grant, there are three categories of people. These include the givers, takers, and matchers. Givers are overly generous while takers tend to take more than they give. Matchers are individuals who match the same generosity level they receive. 

In his findings, Grant discovered that givers are very few yet most successful people. You need to start by offering a valuable thing if you wish to get something. However, you should not always expect something in return as you give. Also, you should not give up to the point that it will hurt you. This is what will separate the successful from the masses. 

  1. Let it be Actionable

If you are not a great celebrity, you are not going to get a huge and active following unless the content you are providing is actionable. People will only engage with the content that holds significance and value to them. Their goals would be to improve the quality of their life of they may have the aspiration of becoming like you. The content you provide should help them in achieving this objective and hence it should be simple and actionable. You can begin by giving them a single takeaway. Talk of that single thing that they can do right now and that will enhance their livelihoods. Recent surveys reveal that the potential of most individuals allows them to remember seven of something and you should not go beyond this. 

  1. Visual Impact

Podcasting could be an audio-centric podium but audios are critical in promoting your show. The cover of your podcast, website design, and social media should be unique. Brand consistency is critical but you should not overlook novelty. Get one of the best DSLR cameras in the market for generating unique images. Novelty entices human beings to explore and understand. It motivates individuals to click on headlines and ads and learn more.  

  1. Clickbait Will Hurt You at the End 

Headlines that draw individuals in via curiosity but offer little value are considered to be untrustworthy and disingenuous. Editors who work in major publications will inform you that the use of clickbait is hurting in the long-run. Your audience should be able to trust you to a consistent engagement. While the algorithm keeps on getting smarter, it can hurt your ranking in the search engine. You would create attention by gambling headlines and not making clickbait. Make sure you link it to valuable content and that it actually delivers whatever is stated in the headline. 


In conclusion, as you publish your content to several social channels, you should cater it on each platform. For example, you can create images on LinkedIn or Instagram.  While sharing a podcast or other contents that is featuring a brand or an influencer, you have to include an embed code for them to copy and paste on their website with a lot of ease. This creates a backlink and graphic to their site and still gives the guests an exposure and ego boost. 

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