Top 5 Email Marketing Tips Entrepreneurs Need to Use

Are you looking to get more customers through email marketing? If so, read on to learn the top email marketing tips entrepreneurs need to use.

Netflix has over 125 million subscribers worldwide.

Netflix didn’t rise to the top just because they produce quality material and provide the ability to customize content. Their tremendous success can be directly linked to one thing, email.

Netflix realized the power of email early on and began using it for marketing campaigns. Consumers are constantly checking their inboxes almost every hour of the day. By 2022 the number of emails sent every day will reach 330 billion.

People are very receptive to permission-based marketing through email. We’ve created this article to provide you with the best of the best in email marketing tips. These 5 tips can help you start reaching out to your target audience today!

1. Email Marketing Tips on Format

44% of emails are being read on mobile phones. Keep this in mind when designing the format of your advertisement. You’ll want to make sure the messages you send are compatible with different smartphones.

2. Make It Personal

Connecting with your consumers will help you craft really good emails. To do this always address your customers as “You” or by their name. Have you ever heard a radio announcer say “How’s everybody doing out there?”.

You probably weren’t intrigued or captivated to continue listening. The radio announcer failed to make a connection with you. In all forms of advertising, it’s important to speak one on one with consumers.

3. Avoid Being Weird

While you should use their name it’s important not to overdo it. Think of your email as a conversation. How would you feel if someone talking to you kept saying your name?

If your email states the customer’s name too many times it might come off as inorganic, weird or even worse creepy.

4. Grab Their Attention

Creating an interesting subject line will prompt readers to open your emails.

There’s no point in having the perfect message if nobody is going to read it. The best subject lines are 45 characters or less. They are clever and get straight to the point.

Make sure you avoid creating misleading subject lines. Misleading subject lines usually don’t relate to the content of the email. Readers are likely to mark your mail as spam when you try to trick them.

5. See How You Compare

Email marketing companies can help you track the success of your campaign. This will give you the opportunity to compare your numbers to your competition. Their data can help give you insight into what customers are responding to.

Create a Call to Action

Your email is perfect, the consumer is intrigued, now what?

You have to create a clear call to action (CTA) for your readers. This will tell them the next step they need to take to get your products or service.

Every email should only have one call to action. Having more than one CTA might end up creating confusion for your readers. Instead, keep it simple and only include one CTA at the very end of the email.

Have the Right Information

Now you can start writing quality content using our email marketing tips!

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