Happy Chicken Eggs: An Aussie, family owned farming company taking free range to the next level

Morry Wroby, CEO of Happy Chicken Eggs, an Australian family- owned farming company and the only national free range egg company in Australia registered with the RSPCA Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Morry Wroby discuss the following:

  1. Happy Chicken Eggs have really taken “Free Range” to another level, can you explain how you have done this?
  2. How important is the wellbeing of a chicken on the quality of an egg (health benefits and taste)?
  3. Why do you think Happy Chicken Eggs has become known more as a family, rather than just a farm
  4. There was recently a big movement in Australia, where Mums and influencers across the country took a stand for free range and Happy Chicken Eggs – why do you think that is?
  5. In order to have your product hormone free, and have so much space for the chickens, there is obviously increased costs for production. For other businesses out there considering the importance of their products health benefits and animal welfare – verses increased cost, what would be your advice?

Happy Chicken Eggs is an Australian family-owned farming company based in Victoria. Our first farms opened in the Goulburn Valley in 2008. We truly care for all our hens, our eggs are hormone free and we are approved by the RSPCA.


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