Top 20 Large Wall Art Ideas for Your Living Room

We all appreciate well-designed and well-decorated walls. However, blank walls are unappealing, so wall art is essential in the home decorating process. Wall décor is an excellent way to improve the appearance of your living room. 

Make an effort to add visual interest to your home, whether through photographs, artwork, or paintings. 

Some people prefer to do their designing, while others may hire an interior designer.

If you are Looking for ideas on how to decorate your empty walls? Then there’s no need to look any further. 

There are plenty of large wall art ideas for your living room. Let’s discuss it one by one. 

  1. Go Bright, Bold, Geometric
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Consider hanging a bigger piece with lots of bold colors, geometric shapes, and endless details. You’ll want to admire overtime for a high-impact dining nook. 

The large-scale piece is meant to be the room’s focal point and cover the place with a unique design. 

  1. Typography 

You can put your favorite words into framed sections in Wood Frames. These can be your preferred quotes and lines from authors, TV shows, celebrities, and so on. 

You can use either color or black and white depending on the look you want to achieve. You must also decide how many frames you will need based on the available space.

  1. An extensive gallery wall 

A large gallery wall brings a blank wall back to life. Arrange your gallery pieces neatly in a way that complements your living room and other items in your room. 

For example, divide your wall into two sections, one for small art pieces and the other for larger paintings.

  1. Combine different art shapes 

The majority of artists sell their works in square or rectangular frames. You should, however, consider purchasing pictures in a variety of shapes. You can add a round and a rectangular piece of art to your living space.

You can use many traditional pieces as the foundation, but always do something that throws it off just a little!

  1. Botanic illustrations 

Botanic illustrations or other vintage illustrations are ideal for the kitchen, mess room, or guest rooms. They’re also one-of-a-kind and challenging to come by, making them an intriguing subject for your walls.

Fortunately, you can choose fantastic print images that can easily be turned into canvas prints. Alternatively, if you want to be more creative, upload your design. 

  1. Oversized photo portraits 

Why not try something different and go for a beautiful, expressive, oversized portrait instead of the typical family portrait photos? These can be a great way to display fun images of the kids. They can also be displayed on a large shelf, desk, or even the floor.

Why you don’t consider drawing a portrait yourself? It would be just amazing to draw procreate portrait of your kids, family, pet, or partner and to use it as wall art.

If you feel you are not very good at drawing, with Procreate Portrait Academy you can learn simple tricks to draw people that every beginner can master.

Large-scale black-and-white portraits or photos of family life can be very impactful and add a gallery-style feel to your rooms. Alternatively, you can remove the background and replace it with a splash of color for a more retro or art-deco feel.

  1. Add a touch of nature

The most obvious method is to use actual plants, but there are only so many plants you can care for. In the absence of that, large wall art can create the illusion of a colorful room with a touch of nature.

Large wall art ideas containing nature scenes could be rainforests, waterfalls, lakes, mountains, flowers, etc. Check out the trending wall art for the living room and pick the one that suit your interior. 

  1. Use a picture ledge 

Smaller prints can be added to the ledge to create a more impactful overall piece. Layer smaller pieces on top of one another to create an eye-catching, varied look. Overall, this will give you the appearance of a larger sum without limiting your options.

Pastel colors, bright landscapes, and holiday images are some large wall art ideas for a floating frame. It will also include black and white photographs in a minimalist style and black and white frames, drawings, and quotes.

  1. Abstract artworks