To Make It in a Post-Pandemic World, Leaders Need One Thing: Humility

Marilyn Gist, an expert on leader development, and author of “The Extraordinary Power of Leader Humility: Thriving Organizations—Great Results” joins Enterprise Radio.

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Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Marilyn Gist discuss the following:

  1. What inspired you to write this book? What led you to believe it is important?
  2. Isn’t “leader humility” a weakness?  It seems inconsistent with strong leadership and getting the work done.
  3. What is dignity?  Why does this matter when leaders have so many important things to focus on?
  4. When starting to work with a team, how does humility set a leader up for success or failure?
  5. Over time, what exactly do leaders need to say or do to show regard for others’ dignity?
  6. Leaders can have a lot of different styles. Do you think leader humility has value beyond business?  Is it relevant for government or nonprofits?

Dr. Marilyn Gist is an expert on leader development. Her academic career spans the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; the University of Washington, where she held the Boeing Endowed Professorship of Business Management; and Seattle University, where she was formerly associate dean at the Albers School of Business and Economics and executive director of the Center for Leadership Formation. She speaks and consults with organizations worldwide, including Boeing, AT&T, Providence Health System, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and NASA. Her new book is The Extraordinary Power of Leader Humility: Thriving Organizations—Great Results.


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