Tips To Help You Manage Several Diverse Teams At The Same Time

With plenty of industries turning to remote working options, the benefits of having people from different backgrounds in a single group are increasingly recognized. Still, when it comes to managing a diverse team, you will fall short if not equipped with the proper skill set to manage the said team effectively. Here is a look at the top tips every manager should aspire to perfect for maximum team efficiency.

Perfect Your Communication Skills

You will need to communicate with your employees often in order to unify them as a team. It is an excellent way to get work done efficiently, and it will also allow the employees to develop stronger bonds. You can use an array of tools to keep in touch with your team. You can even invite people to vote on times that work best for them. Slack, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet are communication tools that come in handy when you need to accommodate people from all over the world.

Sharing thoughts and emotions helps team members connect with one another on a human level. By being upfront, you will be nurturing an inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of their background.

Choose the Right Tools

The online world is vast, and to make sure your team does not get lost in it, you will need the right set of tools. Online management tools are essential to the success of managing several diverse teams at once. That being said, one of the options on the market is WebFletch, a business management tool that allows you and your various teams to collaborate on any project. No matter which management tool you pick in the end, it will increase productivity significantly because the teams will only need to refer to their project sheet on the management tool online. Once done, the application will alert you to the changes in the assignments’ status.

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Overcome Language and Cultural Barriers

When working in a multicultural team, one of the first barriers you will encounter is language. If each employee speaks a different language, the best thing you can do is bring them together under one common language, which brings with it ease of communication. Here’s how you can overcome the language obstacles:

  • Request everyone to learn a few key phrases if they agree or disagree with an opinion or wish to present a new idea.
  • Often people feel embarrassed repeating themselves, which is intensified when their co-workers speak different languages. Normalize repeating yourself so that everyone feels comfortable engaging in conversation.
  • Host a poll and decide on a language that everyone is comfortable and capable of speaking. Assert that your employees communicate using the chosen language during meetings and formal events.
  • If some of the team members are not comfortable with a particular language, ensure that it is not used in their presence.

Consider Different Time Zones

This tip is specific for managing a diverse team remotely. Managing a virtual team is challenging because no one on the team is at the same place or even in the same time zone. You may choose to host a meeting at 9 PM, but for some of your employees, it could be three in the morning.

To avoid any time-related confusion, it’s best if you invest in a time management app. Alternatively, you can conduct a poll and choose a time everyone is comfortable with.


One of the critical responsibilities of managing several diverse teams is providing negative or positive constructive feedback. You must treat each employee equally and fairly to allow them to grow and improve their skills.

Positive feedback is excellent at boosting employee morale and productivity. In contrast, if done correctly, negative feedback can constructively highlight the employee’s mistake and help them learn from it.

Ensure That Your Teams Participate Equally

As a manager, you will need to ensure that everyone on the team is given an equal chance to participate. Observe your management and meeting styles, and check if they are accommodating everyone. When it comes to decision-making, allow each team to present their opinion. It will nurture an inclusive environment and allow your employees to grow within the company.

Equal participation is vital as it builds an environment where diverse teams can feel like they are a significant part of the process. As a manager, it will become easier for you to make decisions faster since everyone is contributing.

Different teams will host people from various backgrounds. It’s crucial that you do not expect everyone to work, communicate, or even lead in a similar way. Conflicts will arise, and as a manager, it is your responsibility to resolve them.

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