Tips on Finding Rental Apartments in Milan

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Is your career taking you to Milan? Whether your move to Milan is necessitated by studies or a career move, you will need to find an appropriate home. This means that you will need to find an apartment for rent

Being new in the city and possibly not speaking Italian, you may be unaware of the renting situation in Milan. Long-term renting may not come easy. What do you do as you look around for appropriate housing?

What to Do As You House-Hunt

The best short-term solution is to rent an Airbnb first. This gives you a place to live as you hunt for suitable housing. In fact, you can do this easily online instead of booking into a hotel on arrival. 

Areas such as Navigli and Brera are come highly recommended especially for students. They have the advantage of being close to Bocconi and you can easily get public transport in and out of town. Student seasons are January-February and August-September. You should, therefore, book early.

How to Find Your Long-Term Rental Apartment

Be on the Ground to Search

Renting an Airbnb allows you to be on the ground when the search for better housing begins. You cannot rule out the possibility of scams. Sometimes you will find apartment rentals in Milan online that looks great. After transferring funds, you find that the pictures you saw were a misrepresentation. 

To avoid being scammed, it is prudent to either:

  • Be physically present to inspect the apartment
  • Ask for more pictures that show the apartment’s facilities if you cannot be present

Engage a Trusted Agency 

It is possible to find a trusted agency that you can work with if you are not able to go earlier. Checking online for rental websites can help you find some. You must, however, know what to look for in a good agency. 

You must avoid working with the very first agency that pops up on your page. Customer reviews are one way to find out if an agency is legit or not. One that has a lot of positive feedback from non-Italian nationals may be the one to work with. 

Also, check for the length of service. The ones that have been around for a while are more reliable. They have a reputation to protect and they have a proven work record. 

Before committing to one, call them to inquire about their charges. Also, find out if there are any hidden charges. Many agencies may not include charges on their websites. You may have to call ahead to find out. 

You also need to make inquiries about deposits, how long the lease lasts as well as the possibility of an extension. 


It is not difficult to find agency offices in Milan. You can take a stroll down any street and find quite a few agencies. Getting a short-term contract may not be very easy. However, if you are going to be in the city for at least a year, you are at an advantage. 

Check out a few agencies and only consider those that have a good reputation. In addition, consider the agency’s experience in order to reduce your chances of being scammed. 

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