Time Management for Students

Time, something which is in nobody’s control. We all get 24 hrs and it is we who decide how to spend it. Somebody becomes the richest man in the world by utilizing these 24hrs and someone remains a beggar whole life and he also had the same 24 hrs. So time management means to organize the same 24 hrs time in a way that it may result in the most productive and beneficial time. People work more efficiently when they manage their time and work accordingly. As every human being inherits a different personality hence time management for each person will be differ according to his own life and external factors affecting it. 

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You can use different time management skills. It requires practice in habit then only one can manage time.  You can find out the productive hour of your day when you can use your skill in a very productive manner. You have to take responsibility for the plan of action you are preparing regarding time management and also have to keep an eye on what you plan according to your capacity. 

Time management for students is essential to manage their academic tasks along with daily personal routines. Strategic time management brings health and keeps health and mind in a sound state so that they can enjoy their life and studies as well. This all works in a good way if it is performed on time.

For this purpose, students must follow a strict timetable prepared according to their day-to-day routine. This clarifies the schedule of daily routine and daily tasks which a student performs and remains attentive to the time of each task without delaying or missing. This process makes one organised and gives the option to pick and accomplish those tasks first which are necessary to be done first. For example, a student has to attempt any exam then he or she will gather books and notes regarding that exam before time so that he or she can revise from those notes and books. Similarly, if any science student has to attempt practical then he will have to buy some study materials regarding that before exams so that those study materials would help him prepare for practical in time. 

Proper management of time keeps a student’s health in a good shape despite a lot of burden of studies. Time management plan saves you from compromising your precious sleep to recharge your body. When you start compromising with your sleep then as a student your mind gets filled with stress and you start suffering from memory loss, hair fall, migraine and many more physical disorders. So, time management provides you a balanced student life as well as sleep of at least 6-8 hrs due to which a student’s body as well as mind remains steady and healthy.

Managing the whole day under a fixed time table gives a chance to the students to take out some time for extracurricular activities. It also provides a chance to enjoy our hobbies but also to learn it and practice it in such a way that it may become a career option in future.

Most importantly it reduces stress level when each and every work and task is decided at a perfect scheduled time. When a student due to any reason is unable to complete the task of assignment or project in time and he or she can stress out hence time management makes students free from such fear because being punctual he or she is in the habit of completing tasks in time and save himself or herself from getting stressed out.

Most horrible scene which a student faces are when he hasn’t prepared anything according to time and suddenly exams are about to be held then at the last moment, he/she has to study a lot and within that short period of time it is nearly impossible to do, as a result even being very capable, just due to mismanagement of time he/she doesn’t get enough time to prepare and score less marks. So time management saves a student from such horrible scenarios.

A student should prepare a proper time table for the whole day and complete daily tasks, especially study related timely. Divide the tasks into small time frames. Try to do one task at a time with full concentration. Take proper sleep with a healthy meal routine and try to stay away from distractions like video games and TV.

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