Tide Foundation: How to Solve the Global Privacy Breach Epidemic

Yuval Hertzog the Co-Founder of the Tide Foundation an organization building open source technologies to solve the global privacy breach epidemic joins Enterprise Radio.

This episode of Enterprise Radio is working in association with the Cyber Security Channel.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Yuval Hertzog discuss the following:

  1. We’ve had the pleasure of speaking with your co-founder Issac Elnekave previously on the show. We’ve invited you back to talk about some amazing innovations you’ve recently published. But for those who’ve not yet heard of you, tell us about the Tide Foundation?
  2. Data breaches and Privacy breaches are impacting organizations big and small on a global scale. What kind of challenges to organizations have in protecting the sensitive consumer data they hold and what kind liability is it to have that responsibility?
  3. With data breaches hitting the news on a daily basis, your announcement couldn’t be more timely. You’ve recently published a paper on a new technology called “Splintering” that makes passwords 14 million times more difficult to hack – can you tell us how that’s possible?
  4. Splintering is just one piece in the puzzle of a more comprehensive suite of privacy technology aimed at solving a massive issue plaguing businesses big and small – can you expand on how your technology addresses the global privacy breach epidemic?
  5. How does a business adopt Tide’s technology?

Yuval has over 30 years’ experience in ICT developing and executing business strategies of highly complex organizations. He has a proven track record in leading complex programs from inception to production to acquisition at tier-1 operators’ level around the world.

Yuval was IDF Captain of 7 years in Military Intelligence; holds 6 patents in the field of web and telecommunications and holds world-class expertise in the area of unified communications; and previously co-founded 5 businesses – 3 of which had successful exits.

Website: https://tide.org

Social Media Links:
Twitter: @tidefoundation
Linkedin: linkedin.com/company/tide-foundation

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