Three Great Podcasts for Traders

Learning to trade in stocks can be a very demanding and lonely process. That’s why many newbie traders fall short and seek other alternatives to invest in. The online trading world is very complex and confusing. One small mistake, and you may end up losing all your investments.

How do you know which stocks to buy now? When is the best time to sell? Do you continue buying? These are just a few of the common questions that many first-time traders always want answered. But the internet is flooded with a myriad of different answers.

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That’s why most people turn to trading podcasts. These podcasts harbor useful content and contain many practical tips and tricks on trading, trading psychology, and trading platforms.

However, like all other things, you must do your research and tune in to the best trading podcast for the best trading tips and experience. That’s why we compiled a comprehensive list of the top three trading podcasts you want to keep an eye on for the latest trading news in the world.

1. Better System Trader Podcast – Andrew Swanscott

Better System Trader takes the top spot of the best trading podcasts we have today. It was put together by Andrew Swanscott and is an interesting option for different kinds of traders. Whether you’re looking for great trading strategies and ideas or just better ways to improve your trading skills, Better System Trader is a great option for you.

The podcast has gotten praise from some big names within the trading circle and shares great trading ideas. Better System Trader also talks about money management and trading strategies from other traders who visit the podcast.

The best part about using Better System Trader is that it isn’t confined to just one market. This allows different traders to apply the strategies on the podcast to almost any trading market.

Traders can listen to the podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud, or Stitcher or simply visit the podcast section of Better System Trader’s website for the latest podcast. The podcast is constantly updated and has tons of trading codes and ideas you can use to fine-tune your trading systems.

2. Chat With Traders Podcast – Aaron Fifield

Chat with Traders takes the second spot as another great trading podcast for trading enthusiasts. The podcast stays true to its name and features weekly chat shows with some of the world’s renowned traders.

The Chat with Traders podcast involves a conversation between Aaron Fifield and the trader being interviewed. Some important names have talked on the podcast, including Linda Raschke, Jack Schwager, among other Bing names.

Chat with Traders podcast has been around since 2015 and has gained a lot of popularity and following since then. The best part about the podcast is that traders can expect a myriad of topics related to trading, financing, and money management to be broached during interviews. This includes learning how different traders view and approach the markets and glimpse into their trading strategies.

This isn’t just another trading podcast. Chat with Traders has featured on some big websites as well, including Business Insider and Investopedia.

3. 52traders Podcast – Cam Hawkins

Here’s another great podcast for traders who’re looking for a more straightforward approach to trading. 52traders allows you to get a feel of what it means to be on the frontline of trading and the markets.

Cam Hawkins hosts this weekly podcast and allows you to learn more about trading psychology and how to go about your trading journey to find financial independence. Cam’s no-nonsense approach toward learning about trading will definitely enable you to overcome most of the pitfalls of trading and trading systems.

Why You Should Start Listening to Trading Podcasts

Trading podcasts are ideal for certain content types, such as learning about trading concepts, recent market developments, and other fundamental aspects of the trading world.

Trader interviews from some of the most successful names in the trading world are especially helpful. These experts share some great ideas and trading secrets, and words of wisdom that you wouldn’t find anywhere else on the internet.

When listening to a trading podcast, you want to focus more on live interviews because there’s no script for the interviewers or interviewees to follow. It’s just a series of questions revolving around the trading field and the best responses to them.

By listening to these trading platforms, you can expect to hear some interesting ideas and nuggets of wisdom from the interviewees, especially if they’re well experienced in the markets.

In sum, listening to a trading podcast has numerous benefits, especially if you’re committed to learning more and improving your trading skills. Remember, there are many other trading podcasts out there. You just need to find the trading podcast that works best for you and tune in to it.

Subscribe to the trading podcast options above today and start listening to them. You will find tons of information that regular media and other information sources don’t cover.

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