Seven Vacation Tips for Entrepreneurs

When you own your own business, it can be very difficult to take time off. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t! The harder you work, the more you need a vacation. It could even save your life because it:

  • Increases mindfulness
  • Improves your heart health
  • Reduces stress
  • Boosts brain power
  • Improves sleep

If you’re still nervous about going on vacation and leaving your business behind, it helps if you think about your vacation in new ways. There are many ways to take a vacation, with options that are the perfect choice for entrepreneurs.

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Pick a Spot That’s a Little Less Busy

If you really want to make the most of your vacation, you should think about how busy the location is. If you’re used to rushing around at work, then you plan a Disney World vacation that has you doing the same surrounded by large crowds, it has the potential to make you even more stressed. Perhaps, plan a day activity on the water. Boat Hire Sydney offers a range of boats for your next relaxing vacation away from work.

Instead, choose a spot that’s a little less busy. For example, there are a lot of great things to do in Branson, Missouri. There are still a lot of Midwesterners that choose this as a vacation destination in the summer, but there are a lot less people than if you went to a more popular destination. You will be able to leave stress behind so you can return to work feeling refreshed and renewed, while having fun at the same time.

Go When Things Are Slow at Work

If you’re worried about leaving work behind, you may find that you feel a lot better about leaving the office if you time your vacation just right. That means considering your work schedule, as well as when things are slow at work.

Do sales slow down after Christmas? Is there a lull in your consulting business during the height of summer? When you choose to go on vacation when things are slow, you can feel good about leaving when there’s a lot less work to do anyway. If there is an emergency, chances are, it can wait until you get back.


Delegating work can be difficult. Many entrepreneurs feel that it’s easier to do things themselves, not only because they know how to do those things well, but because no one else cares about the business as much as they do. This can make for a stressful work week, but it can also make leaving to go on vacation nearly impossible. You’re much better off if you learn how to delegate tasks.

Start training others to complete tasks well before you leave. Then, delegate tasks for others to do in your absence. From answering important emails to managing certain areas of your business, if you give yourself a few weeks to work with someone else on taking over while you’re gone, you’ll feel a lot better when you finally leave.

Create a Daily Vacation Schedule

Although completely unplugging from work sounds great, it often isn’t realistic. Chances are, you’ll have to check your email and check in at least once or twice while you’re gone. Make sure you stick to your guns by creating a daily vacation schedule.

The purpose of this schedule is just to make sure you don’t end up working more than you planned. For example, set aside 30 minutes every morning to check and respond to emails, but when that 30 minutes is over, you have to move on with your day. That way, you don’t start by doing one little thing and then realize you spent the last two hours working on projects.

Keep it Short

Worried about leaving the office? Whether your business is brand-new or you’re working with a new team, there are always reasons why you will be worried about leaving the office. Make your commitment to going on vacation easier by making it shorter.

There’s nothing wrong with going on a weekend vacation that only lasts a few days. As a matter of fact, there is some evidence that a three-day weekend may actually be better for your mental health than a longer vacation!

Going away for a few days may be just what you need to re-center yourself, and because you’re only gone for a few days, you can worry less about what will happen if something goes wrong while you’re away. You’ll be back in a day or two anyway!

Plan Things to Do That You’re Excited About

A vacation where one activity is planned right after the other may sound fun, but it can be draining. Going on vacation with kids can be even more challenging. You may find yourself doing things they want to do instead of things you want to do. That’s in addition to the normal stress that often comes with traveling!

All of these things can convince you to spend more time working. After all, the kids are just swimming in the pool anyway. Don’t let that happen to you!

Plan one or two things to do every day that you’re excited about. When you do, you’ll find you spend more time focusing on your vacation and less time ruminating about what’s happening back in the office.

Come Home a Day or Two Early

There are a lot of things you can do to make it easier to return to work. One of the best is to come home a day or two early.

Coming home a day or two early doesn’t mean cutting your vacation short. Instead, it just means giving yourself a day or two to catch up before you go back to the office. For example, if you give yourself a buffer day between your vacation and going back to work, you can catch up on emails stress-free.

Going on vacation isn’t always easy for entrepreneurs, but just because it isn’t easy doesn’t mean you should just stay home! Going on vacation could be just what you need to destress, relax, and come back stronger than ever, as long as you use these tips to plan the type of vacation that’s right for you.

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