This unique humor based advertising firm has exploded in popularity and growth

Suzanne Palmisciano, COO and Founder of Diesel Jack Media, a marketing and advertising firm based in Durham, North Carolina joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Suzanne Palmisciano discuss the following:

  1. You created Diesel Jack Media with your husband Nick Palmisciano, tell us brief what is Diesel Jack Media and why did you create a venture with your partner?
  2. How is it different working alongside your partner in business versus and home life?
  3. Do you ever feel it’s a disadvantage as a woman working in advertising/marketing, a men dominated field?
  4. Tell us about your approach and strategy for a typical client? And how do you come with some of these amazing funny and well done campaigns?
  5. To date, which client campaign has been your biggest success?
  6. Where do you see Diesel Jack Media in five years?

Suzanne Palmisciano is the COO of Diesel Jack Media, a full-service marketing agency that specializes in helping brands not suck at marketing.

Suzanne has devoted her career to digital marketing and brand-building, working in her native Leicester, England, and then London, England for boutique marketing firms focused on expanding multinational brands to the various European markets.  In her last European role, she created multi-country email and digital marketing campaigns for Xerox.

In 2011, she became the Marketing Director for Ranger Up, a military lifestyle brand based in Durham, NC, where she achieved double-digit annual growth year-over-year throughout her tenure, including earning the number one spot on Inc’s Social Media 100.  In 2020, literally, as the covid pandemic kicked off in February, she co-founded Diesel Jack Media, which grew to a $2M firm in its first 10 months of operation with no signs of slowing down.

Despite her British accent and pint-sized exterior, Suzanne has a passion for combat sports.  She is an avid wrestler and judo player and holds a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

She prides herself on her ability to find solutions and relishes a challenge. Throughout her career, she has helped run entire concerts throughout England, created monumental movie promotions, coordinated charity jiujitsu tournaments for veterans, taught herself to code in multiple languages, developed her skills as an artist, and labeled herself as the designated family plumber.

Her happy place is in the kitchen, baking British treats. She is the mother of six amazing children and two doting dogs. During her rare quiet moments, she can be found nose deep in an Agatha Christie novel.


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