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Things You Did Not Know Could Be Bought Using Bitcoins

Posted: July 11, 2020 at 11:27 am / by / comments (0)

Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels

There has always been a bubble about bitcoin, we always had the idea that bitcoin is related to something illegal. Gradually as days passed, people started to understand and believe more in bitcoins. Now people know and have believed that they can use bitcoin for a larger perspective and bigger assets like real estate, house, property, luxury car, etc. Read more about crypto investing risks before you spend more amount of money.

But I am sure you did not know much about all of what can be done using a bitcoin. We have always heard and known of the very common things that can be done using bitcoin like, buying a drink, pizza, house, luxury car, etc. Now we will tell you what all can you do with a bitcoin but you never knew of it.

What Unknown Things You Can Get in Bitcoins?

Well, there could be many such things but we will tell you about the shocking ones which you would not believe.

  • There is a gentleman’s club in Las Vegas which is known as Legends Room and it gladly accepts bitcoins. This club offers you various kinds of beverages and also a lap dance with an exchange of bitcoin. If by any chance have you left your digital wallet at home which means that even if you do not have the access to the digital wallet through phone then you can use the ATM of the club. The ATM of the club is a BTM, you can make your payment through the BTM.
  • A Manhattan-based plastic surgeon gladly accepts bitcoin for the treatment he provides. This particular surgeon is famous for his treatment of butt lifting. He is famous for this process hence you can say that you can get your butt lifted in bitcoins.
  • Burger King is a famous store all across the globe and the whoppers in Burger king are famous for the ecstasy taste of it. But the twist and the surprise of this is you can buy burgers using bitcoins in the US and in many other places.
  • If you are a part of the Oscar vote counter then you will know that you will get your payment in bitcoin. It is a fund and it is very advantageous to realize that you can earn bitcoins just by counting the Oscar votes and this is as innovative as nothing else. It is very unique that it can happen in order to earn a good amount of money.
  • You will be shocked to know that you can buy a funeral casket using the bitcoin. There are some casket shops which will offer you the facility and the opportunity to buy a casket of your choice either for yourself or for your near and dear ones.
  • There is a workshop named the Central Texas gun world which will produce some guns, at very convenient method of payment like using bitcoins. Most of the Austin based stores for the gun, accept bitcoin for even the online purchase of the same.
  • You can also buy your comfort; the luxurious comfortable mattresses are bought using bitcoins. It is literally like buying your favourite bed and your sleep-in exchange of some bitcoins which seem worthwhile. One can do anything for a cozy comfortable good night’s sleep, in exchange for some of the bitcoins.


These are some of the things that we realized that could not have been true ever. But they are true as we have shown you here, the entire process of it is true. If you have never thought of these trials then you can try all of the above-mentioned characteristics and the features. Bitcoin can be used for various purposes and we have just told you few of them. You must try these to get an idea that it actually world more than what you believe in it.

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