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Things you absolutely must eat in Iceland

Posted: January 28, 2017 at 8:30 am / by / comments (0)

For the most part of the history, Iceland has been cut off from the rest of the world. This is why the Icelandic cuisine is unique and on some instances, strange. Nonetheless, if you are visiting the country, you must try the local Icelandic food.

The Icelanders love their food, which has evolved and incorporated international flavours with the wave of globalisation, which was most prominent in Europe. Icelandic people are friendly, and when it comes to food, they will try their hardest to make you love it as much as they do. Of course, due to the isolation factor, food, especially meat is pretty expensive but some of the Icelandic delicacies are worth their exorbitant prices.

If you are planning to visit the Viking territory, do not miss out on these local delicacies:


Hot dogs are all the rage in Iceland, and especially in Reykjavik (where two thirds of the population live). But what is so special about hot dogs in Iceland? Well, the main difference that makes everyone obsess over their hot dogs is the use of lamb, which gives it an added richness and flavour. The best part is that the unique assortment of lamb, pork and beef is not the only thing unique about the very special Iceland Pylsur. The toppings are what make these hot dogs extraordinary. Most locals will suggest you order it ‘eina með öllu’ or one with everything. ‘Everything’ includes a variety of sauces, including a sweeter Icelandic adaptation of mustard, raw onions, crunchy fried onions and a slightly tangy remoulade.


There is nothing better than a hearty, warm soup on a freezing day, and most days, the weather is frigid and cold in Iceland. For the extra cold weather in Iceland, the locals have come up with the perfect meat soup, and the best part is, it is widely available across the island. Just like Blue Lagoon Iceland tour is favourite among tourists, this delicacy, too, is worth its salt. The soup magically combines the lamb meat, root vegetables and an assortment of herbs in its stew. I promise that you can’t just have one bowl.

What makes this soup so special is the Icelandic lamb meat. Locals claim that it is the best lamb meat on the face of this planet. Their secret is that the lamb are left free to roam and graze on the vast landscape, and when they are all fat and the meat is soft, they are corralled in the winters.


Skyr, although technically, is a kind of cheese but does not possess any qualities similar to cheese. It is a healthy creation, rich in protein and for those health fanatics, virtually fat free. It is available in multiple flavours, and even in drink form. Skyr is, practically, the national food of the country. All the locals love it and you will too, when you get to eat it with every single meal that goes in your tummy.


Before any questions make you stop reading this post, let me tell you that Minke Whale is not an endangered species. The whale has been a vital food source, along with other marine animals, for the Icelanders for the longest time. It is available is skewered, seared and steak form and the taste and texture is surprisingly similar to beef. If you are a true foodie, keep your guilt aside for a second and try this unique delicacy that you might not find anywhere else in the world.


Bottom line, the food in Iceland is unique and amazing at the same time. It is the best place to introduce your taste buds to things that your mind has not yet imagined.

A pro tip before I wrap this blog post up, smell the shark before you eat it, anywhere. I have had it in the recent past, and It wouldn’t be an overstatement if I said I have had my share of shark for the rest of the decade.

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