There Are Always Excuses

Edgy Conversations: Episode 8

There are always excuses..when you are looking for one. And it always sounds good to you. In fact with the right dose of “facts” and a piece of paper illustrating your position you can justify just about anything. All of your excuses make sense.

You can justify:

  • …that you being a jerk was just because you didn’t have enough sleep last night

  • …that you were going to return my call but got too busy with other emergencies

  • …that you were going to follow-up with more information but got sidetracked

  • …that your talking over me doesn’t mean you don’t take my time and opinions seriously

  • …that you not following through on your promises doesn’t mean you’re lacking discipline

It’s legitimate. You can justify each of these. And as long as you are only selling to yourself, you should have no problem closing the deal. Your excuses are golden. But if you need something from me (or your prospects), your excuses might not work.

And that’s not necessarily fair to you.

You might really have a perfectly good explanation. You might be able to explain to me that it was all my misunderstanding. The problem is that I lump all these excuses together into the “tired of hearing them” category. And so does everyone around you. Your manager. Your co-workers. Your clients. We all smile and politely say things like “no worries” and “that’s OK”.

But really. You should be worried and it’s not OK. Your success at creating excuses is robbing you of the success you really want for you.

So. Stop.

It’s really that simple.

by Dan Waldschmidt

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