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The World’s Largest Medical Question Bank

J. T. Madicus is the creator, founder and chairman of QUPI.com


J. T. Madicus, an American entrepreneur, educator, author, producer and creator, founder and chairman of QUPI.com the world’s largest medical question bank joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest J. T. Madicus discuss the following:

  1. You are creator of the Qupi platform, the world’s largest medical question bank. Tell us about why you created this and how it’s revolutionizing medical students.
  2. You often refer to the Qupi manifesto — what does this mean?
  3. Climate Change is going to be a TREMENDOUS ISSUE for the world. Water shortage is an obvious condition on the table due to climate change. While the government gets their act together with policy change, let’s talk about the technology necessary in the background and about your passion toward helping be part of the solution.
  4. There is no true villain without a hero and no true her w/o a villain, dynamics of Trump; Why are be being so divisive with this game?
  5. You used to work for Pharmaceutical companies & convinced doctors to use THEIR medicines — how ethical is this marketing? Same goes for ethics of direct to consumer advertising for pharma (Viagra + Prozac).

J. T. Madicus is the creator, founder and chairman of QUPI.com, the world’s largest medical question bank. With over 10,000 practice questions and a cutting edge, customizable interface, QUPI helps thousands of medical students from the United States to India and Europe practice their medical knowledge, pass their exams and become doctors.M



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