The Sound of Sports Diversity: Best Black Sports Podcasts You Need to Hear

Sports are more than just games. They are a reflection of our society, culture, and history. They are also a platform for diverse voices and perspectives to be heard and celebrated. These podcasts cover many topics, from black college sports to black tennis players, black soccer stars to black gymnasts, and more.

These podcasts will delight, inform, and motivate listeners regardless of whether they are die-hard sports fans, all-around sports enthusiasts, or simply interested in the life stories and experiences of Black athletes, coaches, and journalists.

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The only national sports talk show primarily focusing on black college sports is FROM THE PRESS BOX TO PRESS ROW. The one-hour program covers a variety of subjects, including entertainment, lifestyle, and professional and collegiate sports.

Some of the biggest names in politics, entertainment, and sports—Beyoncé, Kevin Durant, Serena Williams, and Barack Obama—are interviewed for the show. The program also emphasizes the successes and difficulties faced by historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and their sports departments.

Anyone interested in learning more about black college sports’ rich history and culture should listen to the podcast FROM THE PRESS BOX TO PRESS ROW, hosted by seasoned sports journalist Donal Ware.

Black Spin Global: The Podcast

Black Spin Global: The Podcast is a fortnightly show that shines a light on the black players on the professional tennis circuit. Hosted by Eugene and Lucy, the podcast covers the latest news, results, and rankings of black tennis players and their personal stories and experiences.

The podcast also features interviews with current and former players, coaches, and experts, such as Venus Williams, James Blake, Zina Garrison, and more. The podcast aims to celebrate the achievements and contributions of black tennis players and raise awareness and support for the development of black tennis talent around the world.

Eugene Allen and Lucy Tezangi, two ardent tennis enthusiasts and journalists, started the podcast in March 2020 to provide a forum to discuss and represent black tennis.

Since then, they have created more than 70 episodes that address a variety of subjects, including mental health, racism, and tennis activism, in addition to covering major events like the Olympics, Davis Cup, and Grand Slams.

The tennis community has praised and acknowledged the podcast, offering endorsements from players such as Naomi Osaka, Frances Tiafoe, and Coco Gauff.

American Prodigies

A podcast series called American Prodigies narrates the tales of black girls who rose from the periphery of gymnastics to its centre. The show delves into the personal and professional histories of some of history’s most prominent and prosperous Black gymnasts, including Simone Biles, Dominique Dawes, and Gabby Douglas.

The show also looks at the obstacles and problems, like racism, sexism, body image, and mental health, that black gymnasts encountered and overcame. The podcast American Prodigies, which highlights the strength and grace of black gymnasts, is engrossing and inspirational, and it is hosted by journalist and former gymnast Dvora Meyers.

BSPN with Marcus Mitchell

The NBA, NFL, and NCAA are the main topics of discussion on the black sports podcast BSPN with Marcus Mitchell.

The podcast, hosted by B. Mitch and Marcus Mitchell, provides analysis, commentary, and forecasts on the most recent sporting events and upcoming ones like the NBA finals and NBA spreads, news, and rumours. In addition, the podcast includes segments like Who’s Hot and Who’s Not, Top 5 Players in the League, and Best Pregame Warm Up Songs.”

The hosts’ humour and personality are also displayed in the podcast; they are not afraid to express their opinions and have an enjoyable time. The podcast BSPN with Marcus Mitchell offers you a novel and enjoyable perspective on sports.

Black in Sports Podcast

Black in Sports Podcast is an unfiltered and honest perspective on black culture and the impact of sports. Hosted by Las Vegas sports business professionals EJ Cutliff and Myles Hayes, the podcast features conversations with guests from various fields and backgrounds, such as athletes, coaches, executives, entrepreneurs, and more.

The podcast covers sports business, social justice, mental health, diversity and inclusion, and more. The podcast also highlights the stories and achievements of black sports figures, both on and off the field. Black in Sports Podcast is a podcast that aims to educate, empower, and entertain its listeners.

The podcast was started in 2019 by EJ Cutliff and Myles Hayes, two friends and colleagues who wanted to share their insights and experiences in the sports industry, as well as highlightthe diversity and excellence of black sports.

They have since interviewed over 40 guests, including Darren Banks, a former professional hockey player, Jay Vickers, a former Notre Dame running back, Devon Lewis-Buchanan, a former NFL player and entrepreneur, and Bishop Geoffrey Dudley, a social activist and spiritual leader.

Can I Kick It FC

Can I Kick It FC is a podcast that tells the stories of black athletes, coaches, and owners who have impacted the game of soccer on and off the field. Hosted by pro soccer player Amobi Okugo and 2Cents Sports co-founder EL Johnson, the podcast features interviews with some of the most influential and inspiring figures in the soccer world, such as Thierry Henry, Crystal Dunn, Tim Howard, and more.

The podcast also discusses the current issues and trends in soccer, such as racism, social media, youth development, and more. Can I Kick It FC is a podcast that celebrates the diversity and excellence of black soccer.

The podcast was created in 2020 by Amobi Okugo and EL Johnson, two soccer enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who wanted to highlight the stories and contributions of black soccer players, coaches, and owners and educate and inspire the next generation of soccer fans and leaders.

They have since produced over 70 episodes, covering topics such as the history of black soccer in the 1920s, the culture of USMNT and USWNT, the marketing of soccer kits, and the challenges of gatekeeping in soccer.


These podcasts play a crucial role in amplifying the diverse voices and narratives within the sporting world while also capturing the essence of sports as a mirror to our culture and history.

Every podcast captures different stories and victories. From the Press Box to Press Row explains the importance of historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in sports, while Black Spin Global: The Podcast promotes black representation in professional tennis.

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