The nation’s first and fastest growing tree service franchise

Josh Skolnick, Founder and CEO of Monster Tree Service, the nation’s first and fastest growing tree service franchise joins Enterprise Radio to talk about his journey.

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Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Josh Skolnick discuss the following:

  • You’ve been an entrepreneur since birth who sold candy to classmates in grade school. How were you able to tap in to your entrepreneurial spirit so early?  What other businesses did you create as a kid/teenager?  What did you learn from those first businesses you launched?
  • You’ve always been far more interested in chasing entrepreneurial dreams than going to school. Do you believe you missed out on anything not going to college? How has it helped you to be career focused since your teen years? Would you recommend that others pursue a similar path to you?   What qualities/traits must they possess for it to work?
  • You’ve had two major “a ha” moments so far that sparked brand new companies that have fueled your success as an entrepreneur. Where did the mulch blowing business idea come from? How did you end up launching the first ever tree service franchise as someone who didn’t have any tree service experience before launching the business? How did you know how to capitalize on those opportunities when they were presented to you?
  • Talk to us about Monster Tree Service. What is Monster Tree Service, specifically? How have you been able to build and grow the franchise system so rapidly? What makes it such a high upside franchise ownership opportunity?
  • What has made you so successful? What are your key differentiators as a business owner and leader? What do you look for in potential franchisees?   Potential employees? What’s next for you and Monster Tree Service?

Josh Skolnick, Founder and CEO of Monster Tree Service. An entrepreneur since birth, Josh Skolnick built a thriving landscaping business in his teens before starting Monster Tree Service, the nation’s first and fastest growing franchise company serving the $17 billion tree care industry. With annual revenues exceeding $11 million per year, Skolnick expects to grow the Monster Tree Service franchise system another 30% in 2017 and plans to award 100 franchise territories in the next four years, increasing system-wide sales to $100 million by 2021. |

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