The Mushroom boom with Umbo

Del Jolly, the President & Co-Founder at Umbo, a functional mushrooms company in Colorado with a mission to move minds with mushrooms joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Del Jolly discuss the following:

  1. Why start a functional mushroom company?
  2. What do people need to know or be aware of when buying a mushroom supplement?
  3. As far as the space, and what would set you apart there, why should someone buy Umbo products?
  4. What is the future of mushrooms?
  5. How is Umbo participating in Corporate social responsibility?

As an advocate & educator, Del Jolly is focused on shifting the cultural narrative. Del worked as part of Decriminalize Denver and Charlotte’s Web CBD before co-founding Unlimited Sciences, a psychedelic research nonprofit partnered with the likes of Johns Hopkins University. He believes functional mushrooms have just as much, if not more, potential than psychedelics and is committed to exploring and unearthing everything we can.


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