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The Future of Healthcare – Empowering Patients with Telehealth

Posted: March 28, 2017 at 6:41 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Dr. Kishlay Anand

Dr. Kishlay Anand, Co-Founder of Akos, a contemporary telemedicine virtual practice and app to help address some of the pain points currently faced by patients today joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Dr. Kishlay Anand discuss the following:

  • How do you see telemedicine being a solution to some of the biggest pain points facing our healthcare system today?
  • You recently launched Akos, a virtual practice and app that will provide convenient 24/7/365 service to patients. Compared to other telemedicine offerings, how is Akos prepared to disrupt the healthcare industry?
  • Akos uses a 360-Degree approach to treating patients. Can you explain what that means and tell us how you believe it will help empower patients to become the CEO of their own health and ultimately improve patient outcomes?
  • There have been other telemedicine companies that have emerged on the healthcare scene, however Akos claims to be different from any other offering out there. Can you share some of your key differentiators and how you plan to maintain a competitive edge in an industry that continues to evolve so rapidly?
  • Privacy and protection of personal records is a major concern for patients. How is Akos making sure that patient’s feel safe throughout the treatment process and ensuring their private information is safe and secure?
  • Can you talk to us about Akos’ affordable pricing model and why you feel so strongly about telemedicine, specifically Akos, being the first real patient-centric option that can provide efficient, affordable and effective non-acute patient care to the masses?
  • For patients looking for an efficient affordable option for patient care, for them or their families or just to learn more about Akos, where should they go?

Developed by a team of leading physicians, Akos opened its first virtual healthcare practice in 2016, located in Phoenix, Ariz. A contemporary telemedicine provider powering a new type of virtual healthcare practice, Akos offers the first complete healthcare solution for patients, physicians, employers and healthcare centers across the United States. By combining smart technology, seamless design, a patient-centric approach, grassroots strategy and the collective power of a preferred provider network, Akos is reinventing the traditional healthcare model one virtual call at a time. Available 24/7/365 days a year, patients can pay a flat fee of $49 or enjoy an Akos membership, which starts at $15 per month and a reduced fee per call of $30, to get unparalleled access to board-certified physicians in their area via a smartphone device or tablet. Currently Akos only serves patients in Arizona with plans to expand to 10 more locations by Spring 2017. For more information or to download our app, visit

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Dr. Kishlay Anand, MD, MS, FHRS is a board certified cardiologist and electrophysiologist and co-founder of InstaaMED. Dr. Anand has garnered extensive administrative experience serving as Chairman of InstantMed Health Center, an innovative model with Urgent Care and Primary Care Centers in the Phoenix metropolitan area providing lab, radiology, and diagnostics all at one convenient location; President of Arizona Cardiovascular Institute, a cardiac specific surgery center with Joint Commission and Medicare Certification to perform outpatient cardiovascular procedures; and a board member of Cardiovascular Consultants, the largest integrated cardiovascular group in the Phoenix metropolitan area.



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