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The Execution Shortcut with Jeroen De Flander

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Jeroen De Flander

Jeroen De Flander, author of the bestselling book “Strategy Execution Heroes” and the new book “The Execution Shortcut” joins Enterprise Radio. De Flander is a seasoned international strategy execution expert, top executive coach, seminar leader and highly regarded keynote speaker.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Jeroen De Flander discuss the following:

  • In The Execution Shortcut you reveal that most strategies lose between 40-60 percent of their financial potential along the execution highway.  Why is that and why do some strategies fail where others succeed?
  • You explain that the Execution Shortcut requires three pre-requisites: The Head, Heart, and Hands connections. Can you explain them?
  • You state in the book that successful strategies “boost belief” and that belief is a key to success.  How does belief translate into execution?
  • On top of knowing your industry, your customers, and your finances you state that to succeed at implementing strategy you need to understand “how your people tick.”  Why is that and what can you do to gain that knowledge?
  • What can we do to speed up the execution journey?  Should we want to move things along faster and can we really control the journey?

Jeroen De Flander is a seasoned international strategy execution expert, top executive coach, seminar leader and highly regarded keynote speaker. He helped more than 21,000+ managers in 30 countries master the necessary execution skills, including the USA, Brazil, Venezuela, Malaysia, Spain, Italy, Chile, Jordan, Russia, Estland, the Netherlands, France, the UK, Germany, China, Dubai, Peru, Kuwait, Croatia, Norway, Korea and Belgium. He shared the stage with strategy gurus like Michael Porter, Costas Markides and Roger Martin, three of the world’s top 50 thinkers.

In 2012, he shared the stage twice with the founding fathers of strategy execution Bob Kaplan and David Norton. The first time was in April during the largest Balanced Scorecard event in the world. A new session will take place in Qatar.

Jeroen is co-founder of the performance factory – a leading research, training and advisory firm which is solely focused on helping individuals and organisations increase performance through best-in-class strategy execution. For several years, he was the responsible manager worldwide of the Balanced Scorecard product line for Arthur D. Little – a leading strategy consulting firm.

The 50+ companies he has advised on various strategy and strategy execution topics include Atos Worldline, AXA, Base, Bridgestone, CEMEX, GDFSuez, Honda, ING, Johnson & Johnson, Komatsu, Sony and the Flemish and Belgian governments.

His book, Strategy Execution Heroes, reached the Amazon bestseller list in 5 countries. The expanded edition was launched early 2012. The Dutch edition was nominated for Management Book of the Year 2012 in the Netherlands.

Jeroen’s new book The Execution Shortcut was launched on September 17th.

The Execution Shortcut


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