The Essentials for your Baju Melayu Moden

Baju melayu moden’s selection with the latest trends is not an easy thing to find off lately! Boutiques in Malaysia are focusing on women’s clothing such as jubah and baju kurung and pay very little attention to baju Melayu moden.

So we would like to share some tips if you want to buy baju melayu moden. If you are a wife who wanted to buy for her husband, a mom who wants to buy for your children, a child who would like to present to your father or you want to find the ideas of baju melayu moden in 2021…

This article is for you! 

Baju Melayu moden cutting. 

Did you know that the neat and beautiful look of the baju melayu moden lies in its cutting? The best choice of baju melayu moden would have the slim-cut cutting that matches the wearers. The traditional baju Melayu is usually a little loose and it makes the shirt comfortable to wear. We would suggest keeping the baju Melayu moden bought not too loose and not too fit. It should fit your body nicely.


Type of fabric

After looking at the measurement of the baju Melayu moden, it is also important for you to focus on the type of fabric and material. The fact is, the weather in Malaysia is very hot, especially in the afternoon, during the peak visiting hour for Hari Raya. During this time, we are busy visiting family and friends, some are also busy entertaining guests. Make sure the material is not too thick and not too thin, but comfortable enough to wear the whole day.

Baju melayu moden color

This is the important thing that will attract attention when you wear baju Melayu moden. If you have a color theme, this will facilitate the process of choosing the clothes wither. If not, we would like to recommend that you always choose a slightly faded color over a bright color. The dusty color is among the most popular themes election as a choice of clothes. Among the most popular color choice for clothes wholesale is blue, brown, cream, dusty purple, dark gray, dusty green and dusty blue.

 Baju melayu moden buttons

We often overlook the importance of the buttons on baju Melayu moden as a part of the accessories that highlight the. If in western countries, cufflinks worn with shirts can play a huge role in determining financial status and social status. Similarly, the buttons on the baju Melayu modem. Unique buttons can raise the standard look and feel of the baju Melayu moden.


Lastly, don’t forget the sampin. Choose a bright color to highlight the color of your baju Melayu moden. Many people like to wear a songket sampin, and the color selection can also be made so that it matches the baju kurung that will be worn by your partner. Choosing the right sampin is similar to when the ladies choose the color of the hijab or shawl to match their baju kurung.

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