Essential insights about the Japanese online gambling market revealed by the experts at Casino Secret

Want to learn more about the Japanese online gambling market? The experts at Casino Secret are sharing fascinating insights about the gambling industry in Japan. Keep reading below to find out more! 

Japan is still challenging to understand if you’re an outsider. Everything about this country is unique, from the culture to history, technology, and, more important, pop culture. However, the entire world remains fascinated by everything that’s going on in Japan, especially about the country’s gaming and gambling market.  

While still in its infancy because of the stringent laws for betting and gambling in the country, the Japanese online gambling market has a lot to offer to online players in the country. But, to take full advantage of it, you first need to understand it. And, the experts at Casino Secret are here to help. 

Casino Secret has been in the online gambling market for a while now, gathering a lot of experience with different markets around the world and various types of online gamblers, including the Japanese market and players. Casino Secret is also part of the Japanese online gambling market, attracting lots of Japanese players on a daily basis. The Casino Secret campaign in Japan focuses on tailoring gambling experiences for Japanese players, which gives the provider a high authority in the industry. 

So, if there’s anyone that could provide you with accurate and helpful information about the gambling market in Japan, that would be the experts at Casino Secret. So, let’s get started. 

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The Japanese gambling market dates back to 1907

The country’s gambling market dates back to 1907. At that time, Japanese gamblers had minimal gambling possibilities. More precisely, back then, Japanese players could only bet on certain events without experiencing problems with the law. Those events included horse riding and bicycle racing. Later, the government also allowed Japanese players to bet on motorbiking and boat racing legally. 

Today, things didn’t change that much when it comes to online gambling with local providers. Japanese players are now legally allowed to bet on the lottery, with the country’s only online gambling portal that is considered legal and licensed owned by Toto. As for sports betting, the players can bet on the Japanese league when it comes to football or on the already accepted sports, horse racing, bicycle racing, boat, and motorcycle racing. 

Land-based casinos soon to open

Despite being late to create a legal, regulated and profitable gambling market, Japan is starting to show some involvement in making that happen thanks to a regulatory change from 2018. 

Japanese players did never get the chance to feel what a casino feels like in the western sense due to the still many strict and complicated gambling laws. Yet, that is about to change as the mentioned regulatory change allows for several land-based casinos to be opened across the country. Why the sudden shift? Not only that Japanese players have been asking for gambling opportunities for a while now, but the government also realized that it is a move that could help boost the country’s tourism. Yet, some time still needs to pass before Japanese players are able to set foot in a land-based gambling venue. 

Japanese players can gamble with foreign providers

Since the country’s online gambling market is highly regulated and strict about everything, and the land-based casinos will take some time to be opened, many Japanese gamblers turn to foreign online casinos for their favorite games. One of those online providers popular among Japanese players is Casino Secret. 

The good news is that despite the laws are so strict on what Japanese players can bet on in the country, there is no legal framework that forbids gamblers to bet with online foreign bookmakers. So, it’s only natural that plenty of online casino games providers came to the Japanese market because it is a huge one, with plenty of potential players. 

Online casinos in Japan are usually tailored to cater to Japanese players who are known to have particular ideas about what they find entertaining. Some of the traits you can notice in online casinos in Japan include colorful color schemes, great animations, and plenty of innovative technologies such as AI and VR to enhance players’ gambling experiences.

Casino offers are also tailored in a way that suits Japanese players’ needs. You can learn more by reading Casino Secret bonus information

What’s more, customer support options offered by foreign providers in the country also try to meet Japanese players’ particular needs and preferences. More precisely, online casinos there provide support in the Japanese language. 

Slot games are a top choice among Japanese players

Slot games are famous all around the world for a number of reasons, including the ease of play, the multiple fun themes, and the authentic gambling experience online. Yet, they are particularly popular in Japan primarily thanks to the games’ resemblance with the country’s most popular game, Pachinko.

The famous game Pachinko has a very long history in Japan, and for a long time, it represented the closest thing that resembled a form of gambling. For outsiders, Pachinko is very much like the child of a slot machine and a pinball machine. Western casinos are even using this Japanese game as inspiration for improving regular slot games and making them more engaging. 

So, it’s simply no surprise that one of the top online casino game choices among Japanese gamblers includes slot games. 

The future looks bright for the gambling industry

The experts at Casino Secret believe that the future looks bright for the gambling industry in Japan. 

The regulatory change from 2018 is a very apparent sign that the government is finally starting to consider creating a legal, regulated, and profitable gambling market for all parts involved, players, providers, and the country’s financial wellbeing. The increasing demand for online gambling services among Japanese players and the recently adopted regulation could be the two major things that will pave the way for the country’s gambling industry to grow and become more open to new opportunities. 

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