The difference between electronic cigarettes and vaping Feature

The difference between electronic cigarettes and vaping

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Vaping has become more and more common and popular in recent years that smoking.  It is marketed as a way to quit smoking and that it is safer for you. You can find out vaping products here It is the act of inhaling the vapor from an electronic cigarette. These can be similar devices such as a vaporizer or a vape pen. They are powered by some sort of battery and use e-liquid to form the vape.  

Electronic cigarettes are cigarettes that made to imitate that of smoking a combustible cigarette.  They are often called “cigalikes” and usually have a very easy and simple set up. E-cigs are pretty simple devices.  They have cartridges that you purchase that will fit that particular model of electronic cigarette you have chosen. These typically do not come in a huge variety of flavors as the vaping fluid does. There is one that is the flavor of Tobacco for some. 

These e-cigs are made to take the place of the traditional combustible cigarettes.  They contain no ash, flame or smoke that comes with the traditional cigarette and thus very little odor as well.  This makes them a great alternative if you are stuck indoors. Or they are great for when you do not want to have to go find an outdoor smoking spot.  E-cigs have the same laws as that of cigarettes and are typically not allowed in public places.  

Vaporizers vs E-cigs

E-cigs usually have the cartridge and atomizer combined into one device.  This device is called a cartomizer and it is what the battery powers to get the vape.  In a vaporizer, these are separate components and can be mixed and matched.  

Vapes are pretty much everything else that falls into this category.  Vaporizers come in a variety of styles and designs. The liquids come in a huge selection of flavors and can be customizable to fit your needs.  Not only is the flavor customizable but so is the nicotine levels. Some vaporizers will take the pre-filled tanks but more popular are those that have their own refillable tanks.  These don’t typically have the same feel as a cigarette and are often larger than a cigarette.  

Vaporizers are different than e-cigs

With a Vaporizor you can also choose the strength of the vaporizer as well.  And, vaporizers come in a variety of designs, styles and mix and match components as well.  You can get additional tanks that can be swapped out with different flavors or strengths of nicotine.  

All of these products on are powered by batteries.  These batteries are not always rechargeable. Typically the vapes are rechargeable but the e-cigs are not.  E-cigs are made to take the place of smoking, and vaporizers are more geared toward the enjoyment of cannabis.   The battery life on a vape is much longer than that of an e-cig. This is typical because the battery is much larger on a vape than an e-cig.  

E-cigs are typically automatic and do not require you to push a button.  However, a button needs to be pushed to fire up the vaporizer, which only takes split seconds to function.  Neither requires any wait time.

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