The Biggest Cyber Threat and Security Trend to SMBs

Ari Vared, Senior Director of Product Development at San Francisco-based CyberPolicy and CoverHound joins Enterprise Radio to discuss the biggest cyber threat and security trend to SMBs.

This episode of Enterprise Radio is working in association with the Cyber Security Channel.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Ari Vared discuss the following:

  1. What it is you do at CyberPolicy.
  2. There seems to be an endless stream of news around cyber security with attacks on major businesses like Target, Home Depot, Google, Sony, VISA/Mastercard, JP Morgan Chase, and Equifax, just to name a few, so my question is: How can SMBs better prevent and prepare for such cyber attacks?
  3. What do you think is the biggest cyber threat and security trend to SMBs?
  4. How are you guiding SMB leaders on their security approach in today’s cyber  landscape?
  5. Can you tell us some of CyberPolicy customers and how you manage their security needs?
  6. For those SMB leaders and executives listening right now, what is the one advice that you can share for them to take and use as a best practice to implement in their respective companies?
  7. How can they reach you and learn more about CyberPolicy?

Ari Vared is the Senior Director of Product at San Francisco based CyberPolicy, providing small businesses with the cybersecurity advice, tools, and insights they need to protect their data, operations and reputation. A wholly-owned subsidiary of CoverHound Inc., CyberPolicy is the world’s first and only comparison site for cyber insurance, helping companies Plan, Prevent, and Insure against today’s modern threats.

Ari has spent over a decade helping small businesses sharpen their product, strategy and operations to increase growth and partnership opportunities. His passion for SMBs and expertise in cybersecurity and cyber insurance enable him to provide comprehensive insights for SMBs who are often underserved and most vulnerable to data breaches and cyber attacks.



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