The Best Way to Travel Privately

Commercial airlines and airports have heightened security to the point that taking a flying both locally and internationally is a multi-step process. You must arrive at the airport hours in advance so that you can be screened and have your luggage checked. Passengers are also restricted to the types of items that they can take onboard or store on airplanes. While security is important, taking a commercial airline flight is no longer a relaxing experience. Lots of people aren’t wild about the idea of having their luggage rifled through or having to be patted down several times.

Certain jet companies such as Paramount Business Jets provide a more comfortable way to travel for you and your business colleagues. Flights can be tailored to meet your schedule while stewards are available to serve you personally. For those who can get a bit claustrophobic on commercial airplanes, private jets are much more accommodating. Seats are generally situated in a way that facilitates conversation and intimacy. Most of all, you will get all of the privacy that you need to travel wherever you want in the world, on your schedule, and in style.

The Practicality of Hiring a Private Jet

People take planes not only because they are the fastest means of travel, but also because they also offer the most direct routes. For instance, if you want to go from Manhattan, New York, to Los Angeles, you can either take a plane, drive or hop on a train. Via plane, you would get to your destination in three to five hours. Driving from New York to California takes around three days if you stop for food and rest. Trains might end up being a little faster than driving, but only if there are no lengthy layovers. This means that it might actually be more practical to look into aircraft charter flights than it can appear at the onset.

During peak periods, commercial airline tickets can cost thousands and you aren’t even guaranteed a seat if the flight has been overbooked. Business people travel because they absolutely need to be present for seminars, in-person meetings, and to oversee their companies. Delayed and canceled flights can cost them contracts and potentially their livelihoods. So, all in all, private jet hire is very practical.

The Benefits of Renting a Jet for Private Travel

Once you get on board your first chartered private jet, you will feel absolutely at ease. Your cabin will be completely quiet as you won’t be sharing it with hundreds of other travelers. Private business travelers can also feel free to enjoy whatever type of movies or music they would like. First and foremost, consider the fact that being able to take a private jet means that you are involved in a successful business. You might take a flight arranged via private jet charter at the last moment because your presence has been summoned at a crucial board meeting. Alternatively, your need to travel via private jet might be necessary as there are no other available means to get to your destination in as little time as possible. The bottom line is that taking private jets for business travel purpose means that you can count on leaving on time, enjoying a peaceful flight and arriving where you need to be.

Frequent Travel Rewards

Pretty much every airline has a frequent traveler rewards program. Some enable travelers to amass points and then spend them so that their next airline tickets are free or steeply discounted. The more that you fly, the more opportunities you’ll have to save – that’s the premise of all frequent travel programs.

When it comes to private jet charter, you can also enjoy the same kind of rewards. Of course, you have to travel regularly in order to get discounts and other rewards. If you have a company and you expect to send your employees on privately chartered jets regularly, it would behoove you to enroll in a travel savings program. Between discounts and tax breaks, it can even become much more cost effective for you to invest in a private jet charter when compared to commercial airline options. Taking private jets will enable you to guarantee that your staff all boards the same flights, partakes in brainstorming sessions while traveling, and meets with important clients just as soon as the airplane touches down.

Staying Occupied During Long Flights

Some flights can take more than 12 hours, particularly if you are traveling to a faraway land like Australia or Japan. On the plus side, you will have all the opportunity you need to prepare for your upcoming business presentation or annual review. Then again, being onboard an aircraft for close to a full day can also make you feel bored and unstimulated.

Imagine how much comfort you will have when you use private jet rental to coordinate all of your business travels instead of dealing with commercial airline carriers. You will have more legroom, be able to stretch out with your laptop, books, paperwork, and other necessary business essentials. Bring along clients so that you can discuss business matters during your flight or simply keep yourself occupied by chatting with your peers. There’s simply no comparison to the level of comfort you receive when hiring a private jet to fly versus buying a business class airline ticket.

Personalized Arrival and Departure Times

A lot of times, business travelers look for flights on the days they need to be in another city, state or country. After locating corresponding arrival dates, they then look at departure and arrival times. Flights can get booked quickly, leaving business professionals to sometimes need to take flights at 3 a.m. just so that they can make important meetings. For frequent travelers, this leads to jet lag and exhaustion, so they can’t easily perform at their best.

Private jet charter flights don’t leave the tarmac until you and your fellow travelers arrive and come onboard. Even if you are running late, you can make a call and adjust the departure time so that you don’t feel rushed or stressed to the limit. It is much better to know that you have a few extra minutes to pack up your luggage and look over your files before leaving home and taking a plane to another country, without feeling like you are risking missing your flight.

There are various reasons that people enjoy traveling privately, without delay or intrusion. Privately chartered jets are arranged with comfort in mind. No one from your company will be disturbed by the sound of crying babies, need to switch their seats because of booking issues, or be delayed when going through travel screening tests. There will also be plenty of tables and outlets available for you to work diligently during your flight and stay connected if you so choose. Although the pilot stays in charge of the flight, you get to have much more control over your travel experience when you fly in a private jet. There will be absolutely zero disturbances as you take calls from your family, watch slideshow presentations, or decide to enjoy a movie while flying to attend to an important business matter. Overall, your thoughts about travel will change after the first time you take a private flight as opposed to a commercial airplane.

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