Terrific Technology: 5 Advances That Are Making Everyday Life Easier

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If your ancestors could see you now, they would think you’re living in a world of magic. Who would have thought that a vacuum cleaner would move across the floor unassisted, or that a little electronic speaker could tell you what the weather was doing merely by asking it? When you consider how the world used to be, it’s like the human race is inhabiting an episode of the Jetsons.  

Here are five advances that are changing the way we live and work:

Home Security

Home security has come so far that you’ll soon be scoffing at the thought of having to pull out a key to get into your house. A Bluetooth door lock, for example, is one of many significant technological advancements in home protection that have become commonplace. You can use your smartphone to lock and unlock your door, use a code or, if you lose both, a key.

A door lock as advanced as this one has many perks. It lets you offer access to the house cleaner or people coming to stay – all while you’re working on the other side of town. You can then automatically lock it within a specific time frame too.

Online Shopping

Most people will make one or two trips to the grocery store every week, which can be quite an inconvenience. If you’re time poor, balancing work, family and home can seem and insurmountable challenge! That’s why online shopping has become such a welcome technological advancement.

If you own a smart fridge, you can order your groceries directly from your refrigerator. Otherwise, you can log onto the website of a participating grocery store, add everything you want to your cart, pay, then wait for them to deliver it.

Virtual Assistants

It was only five or so years ago that you had to carry around an MP3 player, a mobile phone, a GPS, a weather guide, and a book to help you through the day. Now, smart virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa do it all.

You can make it play music, call someone from your mobile phone, tell you how to get somewhere or what the weather is doing. It will even read your favorite book to you, as long as it’s available as an audiobook online. You can downsize an entire backpack of items to one.

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances are now quite a broad term. Almost anything electronic you pick up in a store is intelligent – even blenders. Most things will link to your smartphone device, and almost everything adds a new element of convenience to your life. Your vacuum cleaner will clean the floors by itself, your fridge will order your groceries, and your dishwasher can turn itself on once you set it up on a timer or phone app. ‘Push of a button’ convenience has never been more present than it is today.


At least half of Americans have a job they could do from home. Working remotely and telecommuting is one of the significant advantages of technology today. Thanks to smartphones, portable electronic devices, virtual offices, project management software, and premium internet, it’s so much easier to cut the stress and commute out of your day and work from the comfort of your home.

It’s insane to think how far technology has evolved in such a short space of time. It seems like only yesterday that the color TV was the greatest thing to hit the market. There’s no stopping technology now, and it will continue to make life easier.

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