Ten features of a great e-commerce website

E-commerce has exploded over the last decade. If your business is planning to launch a new website and sell online, here e-commerce web design specialists WTS Technologies detail some of the key features that you need to include.

Customer reviews

Research shows that a staggering 92% of shoppers read online reviews, and a product’s star rating is one of the first things they check out. Make sure that you include customer reviews on your site, and that you actively engage with reviewers by responding to their comments. This is particularly important when a customer was for some reason dissatisfied – it’s a chance for you to politely respond and try to resolve their issue, showing other potential customers that you go out of your way to deal with problems in a professional manner.

Detailed shipping information

The number one reason for online shopping cart abandonment is when shoppers are presented with unexpectedly high shipping charges. You should make sure that shipping information is included early in the buying process, and it’s also a good idea to mention the delivery time and any available options for faster delivery. An interesting fact to bear in mind is that shoppers spend 30% more when you offer free shipping, so depending on the costs involved, this option might be worth considering.

Advanced payment options

Many potential customers now expect to be able to pay using methods other than the traditional debit or credit card. Inputting all the card and address details can be time consuming and some people prefer to pay using a quicker one-click option such as PayPal. For returning customers you should incorporate a one-click payment option so that they do not have to enter their payment and address details more than once.

Site security

Making sure that potential customers trust your site is a crucial factor in persuading them to make a purchase. Your e-commerce site should use SSL technology so that customers know they are using a website with a secure connection (indicated by a green padlock in their browser) and that their passwords and banking details are safe. You should also make sure that your website is protected by software such as a firewall, anti-virus protection, and a malware scanner, so that hackers are unable to steal your customers’ personal details.

A returns policy

Research has shown that at least 30% of products bought online are returned – but that 92% of customers will buy from a retailer again if the returns process is easy. You should make sure that you have a clearly written and easily accessible returns policy published on your site, which helps to build trust with customers and reassures them that that they can make a purchase with peace of mind.

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