William Robson

Telling the stories that are within with author William Robson

William Robson

William Robson, the author of ELEVATED THREAT, which presents the reader with a very different type of terrorism on Americas shores joins Enterprise Radio. William left the corporate world after 35 years to follow his dream of becoming an author where he could share his stories with the world.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest William Robson discuss the following:

  • Why did you decide to leave the corporate world and become a writer?
  • All of your writing has a unique spin to it, why is that?
  • What elements do you think make up a good book?
  • Your newly released book, ELEVATED THREAT, presents the reader with a very different type of terrorism on Americas shores, should we be scared?
  • What do you hope readers come away with when they reach the last page?

Duration: 13:56

William Robson spent his college years writing short stories that were predominantly designed to rattle his professor’s stuffy demeanor. He graduated into a career creating commercial software. His next 30+ years were predominantly consumed with creating software applications that helped drive America’s corporate engine. Through it all, William continued to surreptitiously write stories designed to stretch the reader’s imagination.

Eventually, the clarion call to become a full time writer overwhelmed his desire for a regular paycheck, and he exited the corporate world as quietly as he entered it. He hopes you enjoy reading about mind stretching “What-If” situations as much as he enjoys writing about them.

Please join William on his Facebook page or send a comment on twitter @WilliamRobson99. He sustains a running blog where he posts a few of his favorite stories and discusses scenarios that are currently taking place in this crazy world we live in at www.whatifnews.com.

William Robson is the father of a PhD daughter and a biochemist son, and husband to a middle school teacher wife who have all supported his writing dreams. William lives in beautiful Sammamish, Washington, with his wife and 150 pounds of dogs.


Links: www.whatifnews.com

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