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Technology to Better Your Business in 2019

Posted: April 2, 2019 at 7:20 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and does not show signs of slowing down. Not keeping up with this rapid is at every businesses peril. You need to stay up to date with trends and technologies for the sake of your customers and for the sake of your own existence. Without staying on par with the advancements in technology you put your company at risk from a data breach. Depending on the type of breach you are inflicted with, you could either be shut down for a few hours or completely held at ransom. Depending on the outcome, your entire company could be deleted in an instant. All that, because you didn’t follow the right data trends.

Then there are issues of sustainability, personalization, enhanced customer service, and a global economy. The right technology can help you manage all of these issues and even save money and time, but first, you need to know which technology you need to invest in: 

The Right Data Management Programs 

Data management is always important. The only difference as the years go by is that these programs’ capabilities increase. In 2019, an emerging trend in these management programs is augmented analytics. This type of program automates the data insight process with the help of machine learning. It will completely revolutionize many different departments, from HR, to your finance department, to sales, and even customer service. 

Increased Security Measures 

Security must always improve and evolve. If it doesn’t you open backdoors to hackers and put your company at risk. One such risk that needs to be addressed in 2019 are endpoint security weaknesses. Endpoint security protects the computers and devices that connect to your company’s network. This type of security should be seen as your frontline of defense. If they cannot gain access through your employees, they will then have to deal with the main brunt of your security network. To learn more about endpoint security, click here

Potential of Blockchain 

Blockchain made news in the past few years due to its connection with Bitcoin, but the reality is the potential of blockchain goes so much further than cryptocurrencies. It can completely revolutionize the world. Take the healthcare industry, for example. Currently, diagnosis is difficult because we cannot analyze the data available. This is due to obvious privacy issues, but with blockchain, we will be able to encrypt that data and allow systems to safely analyze things like symptoms so that patterns can emerge. With patterns comes understanding, as well as the ability to improve diagnostics and even medical treatments. 

The Adoption of Personalization 

Personalization has always been important for companies. If you can personalize ads, for example, you are far more likely to get that sale. In 2019 however, the ability to personalize is expected to go so much further with digital twins. Digital twins are essentially a copy of a real-world product. Nike is a good example of a company that successfully used digital twins to better their business. With their online tools, users can create their own personalized and custom Nike sneakers and have them made for them in a matter of weeks. Other examples of how digital twins can benefit businesses is simply in running diagnostic tests. If you can find a way to improve proficiency through a digital twin you can then recreate it in the real world. 

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