teAlchemy, contemporary tea for the modern lifestyle with Lynda Budd

Lynda Budd

Lynda Budd, the Tea Alchemist who is a connoisseur of ancient tea rituals from around the world and the is the founder of the Canadian brand teALCHEMY joins Entrepreneurial Fit Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Lynda Budd discuss the following:

  • As the founder of teALCHEMY and a certified Tea Sommelier, you are known as the Tea Alchemist, to anyone not familiar with the world of tea, what does that mean?
  • What are the most important things for people to know about teALCHEMY’s products?
  • Your company’s tagline is ‘blend it, sip it, rub it, stir it, create your own chemistry’ which demonstrates many different things you can do with tea, what are some examples of things you’ve created beyond brewing a pot of tea?
  • Rituals of tea drinking ceremonies have existed for centuries and come from every corner of the globe, how do you suggest that a beginner approach discovering the world of tea (through teALCHEMY) without feeling overwhelmed by all the options?
  • By suggesting all the different things you can do with tea and asking people to create their own chemistry, you open up a world of culinary possibilities but is there anything you can’t do or that’s not safe to do with tea?

Duration: 8:02

Lynda Budd, the Tea Alchemist is a connoisseur of ancient tea rituals from around the world, who passionately believes that tea, is the elixir of life. Using the Alchemist principals of harmony and balance Lynda pours her love of tea into all the products that her brand teALCHEMY creates.

Lynda spent 20 years as an award-winning corporate real estate executive and has evolved into a globetrotting business owner, visiting exclusive teahouses and learning firsthand the fine art of tea from many different cultures and traditions.

Embarking on her latest entrepreneurial adventure, Lynda has combined her high drive to achieve and self-motivation with her passion for life, family, travel, and tea, to launch her brand, teALCHEMY.

As a modern day Alchemist Lynda understands the power of stimulating the senses through tea and is reinventing the art of the tea experience. Lynda’s products blend rich textured loose-leaf tea infusions, herbs, rubs and elixirs that can be customized and incorporated into baked goods and every day meals. teALCHEMY products are available in select retail locations but their complete product line is found online in order to cater to a global clientele and to enhance your personal shopping experience.

Lynda Budd is a certified Tea Sommelier and an active member of the Tea Association of Canada; these associations allow Lynda to establish strong ethical partnerships with like-minded brands and to establish herself as a trend-forecaster within the industry.

Lynda embodies a new description of entrepreneur, as a confident mother, businesswoman and industry expert; likewise her products take tea to a new realm of heightened pleasure, enabling you to create some chemistry in the kitchen.

teALCHEMY is more than just a brand, it’s a lifestyle and Lynda Budd is here to share it with you, so join Lynda on her exciting journey around the world, experienced through the passion of tea.


Links: www.tealchemy.ca

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