Taste the music! How one woman is changing the face of special events in LA

Kala Maxym

Kala Maxym, Founder and CEO of Five Senses Tastings that curates full-sensory “music tastings” for private, corporate, and non-profit clients joins Enterprise Radio.

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Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Kala Maxym discuss the following:

  • Can you start off by explaining a bit about what “music tasting” is all about?
  • How did the idea come about?
  • Who would you say are your target audiences or markets?
  • Could you give us a couple ideas of some types of events where your services could be employed to help create a more unique and intimate experience?
  • What’s coming up for you in the next couple of months?

Summary: Five Senses Tastings encourages people to go a step beyond when planning the special moments in their lives. Everyone can buy a cheese plate from Costco and a couple bottles of wine from Trader Joe’s and throw a party. But it won’t be memorable. What makes an event memorable is the specificity with which your senses are triggered, and that’s where Five Senses Tastings can really make a difference.

Kala Maxym is the Founder and CEO of LA-based boutique special events company, Five Senses Tastings (5ST). Five Senses Tastings puts a unique twist on the tasting concept asking guests to “taste” with their ears, and then with all five senses, as they are taken on a full-sensory storytelling journey told through live music, wine, cheese, and chocolate. Fully customized “music tastings” are available for both private and public events, and some of 5ST’s recent clients include Diane von Furstenberg, the Oakland Symphony, Douglas Elliman Realty, the Goethe Institute, Héritage Fine Wines, and Columbia University, among many others.

Five Senses Tastings was first founded as a “side gig” while Kala was working full-time for a busy NYC-based tech start-up. Previous to this, Kala’s diverse professional background included working as a Senior Program Analyst with the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice’s overseas law enforcement initiatives, as a gemologist, and as a professional opera singer (with the occasional impromptu performance for a President) in the U.S. and abroad. All these experiences were enlightening and inspiring, but earlier this year, Kala felt a calling to dedicate herself entirely to her company and so…

This past April, she quit her day job and moved to LA in the same week and is now working full-time on Five Senses Tastings. LA has gifted Kala with one magical moment after another, and the City of Angels is clearly 5ST’s home. Five Senses has several upcoming public music tastings in LA for you to check out. Come by West Hollywood on December 8th (learn more here) or find us in Beverly Hills on December 14th (learn more here). Taste the music! Also book us for your next party or special event before December 31st and receive an in-home wine tasting for 12 worth $150!


Website: www.fivesensestastings.com

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