Target Social Media Advertising to Your Brand and Products

Different types of social media mean that they can be effective in targeting different types of demographics with your products. This is the beauty of using social media advertising.

You have a lot of control over who is seeing your ads in terms of their location, their gender, their interests and their age groups. This means that you can customise your ads for the social media platform to get the most of the individual ad.

Facebook is the most powerful platform for social media advertising. With 23 million users in Malaysia alone, it offers the widest coverage, but almost all social media platforms offer some level of advertising.

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Power of Targeting

How you use these platforms is going to determine your success in getting the word out about your brand’s products to the people you want to reach. Different types of people use different social media platforms.

For instance, if you’re trying to cultivate more exposure and name recognition for your brand name itself, a good place to start is on Linkedin. Linkedin is primarily a B2B social media platform. It caters to businesses and people serving businesses. By using the nature of the platform to underline the services of your brand, you are elevating your brand name and positioning it among ‘like’ companies that reflect your brand’s standards and reputation.

To reach a younger audience of customers when selling clothing, Instagram can be your odds-on favourite platform to use. The fact that models and clothing go seamlessly on this visual platform and the fact that most of its users are under the age of 29 makes it perfect for targeting clothing to younger buyers.

For products that need a bit of an introduction to understand, YouTube should be your first choice. By crafting your ad campaign in the style of ‘explainer’ videos, you can generate interest and spread your brand name at the same time. By having people subscribe to your brand’s channel, you can also begin to build an audience of loyal followers. Having a dedicated following is extremely valuable whenever you’re launching a new product or service.

Customize Your Message

Having this ability to target the audience that your reaching should encourage you to customise your ad’s message as well. You want to speak as directly to your audience as you can. People tend to engage with a message that they can identify with more closely.

By knowing the audience you’re reaching, you can be more effective in delivering the message of your ad. Using the social media advertising platforms wisely in this respect means that you’ll spend less money overall and create more of an impact with the money you do spend.

By customising your ads, the ads will reach more of the people who are most likely to tell other people about your products as well. Become a master of the power of social media advertising by studying the user data carefully to determine the best use of the platforms and their audiences.

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