Taking advantage of our “waking hours”!

Dave Pygon, Founder and President of Pygon ONE Consulting, that specializes in leadership and individual development, helping clients to unlock their capabilities and succeed joins Enterprise Radio. He is the author of WIN THE 16.

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Listento hostEric Dye & guest Dave Pygon discuss the following:

  1. Your book WIN THE 16 helps people take advantage of our “waking hours” – can you explain what that means?
  2. Although you’ve done a lot of work with leaders and large organizations, how does your book apply to small businesses and entrepreneurs?
  3. The book is also applicable to nearly anyone who wants to be more productive in their personal lives. What advice do you have for them along those lines?
  4. WIN THE 16 also provides support and motivation when your willpower slips. What advice do you have when that happens?
  5. People are pulled in so many directions these days and are also feeling burned out. What are some steps you suggest to get stronger mentally, physically, and avoid feeling complacent?

Dave Pygon is a respected advocate for leadership and personal growth, dedicating his career to empowering individuals to reach their full potential and become the best versions of themselves. As the founder and current President of Pygon ONE Consulting, his company specializes in leadership and individual development, helping clients to unlock their capabilities and succeed.

Prior to starting his own company, Pygon honed his skills while working for respected organizations such as Automatic Data Processing (ADP), Alcon Laboratories, and Novartis. With over two decades of leadership experience, he has become a trusted expert in his field. Furthermore, he holds certifications as a distinguished business coach, astute time management consultant, certified behavioral consultant, and master life coach.

Drawing from these experiences, as well as his educational background, Pygon authored “Win the 16,” a comprehensive guide to help individuals optimize their time and achieve their goals. His expertise and passion are evident, making him a go-to authority on personal development and growth.

His journey started in Chicago, where he was born and raised on the South Side. Coupled with a deep-rooted connection to his hometown, the work ethic, toughness, loyalty and importance of education were taught from an early age by his mom and the south side community. They all have been essential factors driving his professional success. Dave’s love for Chicago is unwavering, and that is evident as he currently makes his home there with his beloved family.

Website: https://pygonone.com

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