Susan Brady, the Make Six-Figures Working from Home Coach

Susan Brady, the Make Six-Figures Working from Home Coach, works exclusively with work from home women who are ready to build a six figure business so they have more time with their family, more freedom, and increased self confidence and self-worth joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Susan Brady discuss the following:

  • You successfully made 100k in Direct Sales working from home in a business that most people fail in. To what do you attribute your success?
  • The fact that you were able to succeed in the Mary Kay world as a director, which by the way a huge % of women fail at, speaks volumes about your entrepreneurial skills. How were you able to thrive to the top 1%.
  • Many women have challenges that they perceive will keep them from achieving their goals as a successful working from home six figure entrepreneur. What are the most common obstacles you see?
  • You talk about a non-negotiable decision. Can you tell me a little bit about that and when to know it is time to make one of those decisions in your life?
  • How do you help work from home women?  Tell us a bit more about your coaching programs.


Susan Brady is “The Make Six Figures Working From Home Coach” a woman who motivates and inspires from her heart. She is the founder of Susan Brady International, a company committed to the growth, empowerment and personal mastery of women entrepreneurs around the globe.

Susan was born and raised in St. Thomas, Ontario. She has two beautiful children Brad and Amy who she is extremely proud of, and they have blessed her with two grandsons Max and Jack and a granddaughter Lily. Susan now live in Port Stanley, which is a tiny fishing village on Lake Erie with her long time partner Tom, whose love and support has allowed her to continuously pursue her purpose in life.

For more than 20 years Susan enjoyed a very successful and rewarding corporate career. In 2000 she was introduced to direct sales in the cosmetics industry and much to her amazement very quickly rose to the top 1% in her field within the first 18 months. This new found career caused Susan to take the biggest risk in her working life – resigning from a government position, something very few individuals had even done, to pursue her direct sales career full time. The favourite part of her direct sales business was not the sales, but the chance to train, inspire and mentor women to be their very best, helping them believe in themselves, and to set and achieve goals they never dreamed possible.

In the spring of 2007 Susan met and began studying with Bob Proctor. She became a certified LifeSuccess Consultant and went on to become Vice President of one of Bob Proctor’s multi million dollar companies, working with entrepreneurs all over the world. In 2010 she chose to follow her heart and purpose in life and went on to become “The Make Six Figures Working From Home Coach”.

Susan has been a goal setter and goal achiever her entire life. From starting her own business in the cosmetic industry, earning cars, becoming a leader in her field, to working and sharing the stage with Bob Proctor himself. Sharing her journey has been a passion of Susan’s for many years and what better way to do that than to design a company that is built on a foundation of giving back, and sharing with you the lessons she has learned along the way while working with and learning from some of the top coaches in the industry.

Through her Elite Coaching Program and her Six Figure Working Women Academy™ program, Susan has taken her experience in creating a six figure business working from home and developed a unique program where she shares how women just like you, can work from home, make a six figure income and spend more time with your family. What Susan has created is brilliant, a sacred environment for women business owners to celebrate their victories, share their challenges and feel confident in asking for the help they need which enables them to pay their bills, spend more time with their children and enjoy the freedom of being an entrepreneur.

When a woman makes more money it changes her entire family, which changes her community, which ultimately changes the whole world. More than ever, women have a voice that needs to be shared – let Susan help you find yours and bring your gift to the world.

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