Surviving and Thriving Amid Economic Disruption

Ryan Weissmueller Founder of Fintrepid Solutions, that supports entrepreneurial businesses navigate new challenges as they evolve over time joins Enterprise Radio to discuss how businesses can go beyond survival and actually thrive during times of significant disruption.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Ryan Weissmueller discuss the following:

  1. What led you to start Fintrepid Solutions over 4 years ago?
  2. So many companies are in uncharted territory and the landscape is changing so rapidly – what is a CEO/leadership team to do?
  3. You have worked with almost 90 companies since founding the firm over 4 years ago.  What common theme(s) have you seen?
  4. How does Fintrepid Solutions get in on the ground and support its clients?
  5. You created the 7 Skills Your Business Must Have.  What are some really critical foundational pieces that companies need to have in place, especially right now?

After serving in C-level finance and operational roles for multiple entrepreneurial companies, Ryan realized his dream to serve the entrepreneurial community even further by founding Fintrepid Solutions. Using nearly two decades of experience with the creation, growth and ongoing support of small and midsize businesses, Ryan has developed a rich skill set in delivering customized, nimble solutions to support leadership teams and their companies as they face new challenges at various stages over time.

About Fintrepid Solutions

Successful businesses face new challenges as they evolve over time. Fintrepid Solutions exists to help our clients navigate those challenges, providing clarity and confidence so they can become more sustainable, more profitable and more valuable. Having supported nearly 100 clients since its founding in 2016 the Fintrepid Solutions team delivers customized solutions for each client, combining both strategy and execution to achieve business goals.



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